Left Drowning by Jessica Park
Elizabeth - 5 crowns

This book is soooo amazingly good, i mean there are no words to describe the depth of this book.  This incredibly story has just floored me with all it's twists and turns...  there is sooooo much that goes on that it has just seeped into my soul.


The way that Blythe and Chris are intertwined, their beggining, middle and end is beyond anything i have ever read.  


Jessica Park is a genius!!!  


You have to drop everything and read this!


Kelly - 5 crowns

Even when you’re drowning and so far under, there is always time to reach for someone who will teach you how to breathe again.

Immeasurably profound, deep and breathtakingly honest. This book gave me everything from total elation to absolute heartbreak and everything in between. Left Drowning is a powerful story of how shattering events in the past have a direct hit on the present and the future. How it haunts, drowns and manifests itself in different ways in different people. The key is not to forget, not to accept, not always to forgive in order to move on...but to breathe. To find strength in others and to build a foundation based on love and trust in order to survive.

There are many strong voices in this story, even though it’s predominantly written in Blythe’s first person narrative. These characters are not perfect; in-fact each one of them is flawed in their own way, but that is what made it so easy to connect with them.

Blythe, our heroine is a shadow. In the four years she has attended Matthews College, she has shied away from others. Isolated and numb, her only escape is to drink booze, excessively. Blythe is suffering with depression, burdened with guilt since the loss of her parents. One day however, everything changes… 
Little does she know, the morning a strange student named Sabin stole her coffee it started a catalyst of events that spiral out of her own control, except it may just be the thing she needs because depression is about to get a shot of ‘family Shepherd,’ and it may just prove to be the best medicine…ever!

Sabin - the crazy best friend and drama student. He’s a riot! I loved everything about him. He injected a lot of light into the ‘darker’ backdrop proving to be a breath of fresh air.

Estelle – The foul-mouthed sister in the Shepherd crew, religious yet carefree, strong on the outside, soft in the middle with a big heart, you definitely want her in your corner!

Eric – Estelle’s twin Brother is the gay quiet one. He is the dependable guy, the one you can go to for support. Even though he likes to keep his distance on occasion, he is friendly and genuine with a gorgeous boyfriend called Zach.

Chris – The oldest. The Shepherd family provider and the beautiful boy who teaches Blythe to breathe again…

The perfect family.

Or is it?

When Blythe becomes the fifth member of the Shepherd clan having forged friendships tougher than stone, she quietly starts to notice that maybe Sabin drinks too much, Estelle is highly secretive, Eric can be introverted and distant and Chris…

…is broken. 

Now it’s her turn to be the saviour – the damsel in distress becomes the hero in this compelling, yet tragic story of love, loss and survival.

Jessica Park has done an exemplary job in portraying the shocking damage that one event can cause, how guilt and grief can destroy lives, relationships and ones self belief. Yet, what is truly magic is the hope she injected in almost every scene. It was palpable and truly beautiful to witness the TRUE POWER of friendship and irrevocable love. If you enjoy second chance romances, then you cannot go far wrong with this book!

Where there is dark there is always light, just remember to 'breathe into it.'


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