Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski
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”All that I’m sure of is that I’m alive because of Victor. Cold-blooded murderer-for-hire or not, he saved my life.” 

Killing Sarai is a heart stopping, addictive and unputdownable story that breaks free from the New-Adult norm. J.A Redmerski took a figurative shot with her literary pen and she hit it bang on target! This is not a conventional love story. There is no fluffy romance. No first dates. Just a fast paced, crime fuelled thriller that will have you gripping the edge of your seat, right until the very end.

Sarai Cohen was only fourteen when her addict Mother took her over the border to live with Javier, a Mexican Drug lord. Now twenty-three, all she has known in this time is slavery, brutal captivity and the boss’ full attentions, but being the favourite muse is the only reason she has survived for so long. The dreams of escape are but only a distant memory - that is until he walks in, and everything changes…

Victor, an American assassin, is summoned for a meeting with Javier as he requests his services. Sarai plays witness to the business proposition and upon hearing Victor’s accent makes the biggest decision of her life, knowing that if she fails it will undoubtedly result in her death.

Her dreams of escaping the compound finally come to fruition when she makes a hasty exit and stows away in the back of Victor’s car in the hope of making it over the United States border.

Victor is the number one assassin-for-hire in the ‘order.’ Notorious for his lethal skills and sharp mind, he is deadly, unforgiving and completely unstoppable.

Sarai is an inconvenience, one that he plans to extinguish quickly, except when he learns of her close relationship with his new employer, he suddenly finds himself holding onto his stowaway as she provides him with the perfecting bargaining tool.

Javier is furious and adamant for her safe return, so when Victor and Sarai find themselves both being hunted by Javier’s men and his deranged sister, he starts to turn the game around, making his own rules. This causes relationship problems with his Brother, Niklas, as he struggles to liaise and support him, even though it goes against every command from Vonnegut - the German leader of the Order.

Sarai and Victor suddenly find themselves having to work together while learning to trust and as their association grows among sprayed bullets, bloodshed and lost innocence, Sarai realises that she can never lead a normal life, not when she starts to fall for the man in front of her - this distant, brutal, cold-blooded murderer.

Sarai invades Victor’s thoughts making him torn between what is expected of him and what is right. Having been taken by the Order at only nine years old, his brutal upbringing and extensive training stripped him of emotion, of remorse, but there is just something about this girl. She is making him rethink his actions, making him feel… which ultimately, makes her the most lethal, most dangerous person in existence. 


Not only did this book completely blow my mind, but Victor gave me serious whiplash. The moment you think you know what is going on inside his head… BAM! He whacks you with his glock and you are back to square one. This book and his character were so unpredictable I had no idea what would happen next and that’s why this book is a five-star winner.

Sarai, through all her ordeals came across strong and alert, ready to kill to survive, but she also had a strong vulnerability about her. I felt her fear, her pain, and her hatred and because of that I connected with her character immediately. I was already shedding a tear or two for her by chapter three due to the injustice of it all and it was in that moment that I knew… this book was going to do a real number on me!

I disliked Victor at first. Oh don’t get me wrong, he is HOT! He has the alpha male down to a T but he genuinely frightened me, because I couldn’t get inside his head even though we are treated to a Victor POV snippet now and then. He certainly isn’t book boyfriend material but he is my new favourite bad-boy. I dreamt about this dude. Seriously!

I just didn’t know what to expect when I picked this up or where it would take me, and for that I am truly thankful, because Killing Sarai was one of the most incredible book journey’s of my life! 

If you are looking for a little danger, a little walk… or should I say, ‘a little run for your fucking life on the wild side’ - then yeah… I highly recommend you jump on this one!


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