Just One More Breath by Leigha Lewis



What would you do if you've lost everything? If the reason you woke up in the morning no longer existed? If life dealt you a blow so devastating that something as simple as breathing was just too painful, how would you find the strength to go on?

Nicole Miller was happy, busy with her family and her dream job. Life was perfect. When tragedy struck, she succumbed to her devastating loss and crumbled under the heavy weight of her despair. She didn’t know where to find the strength to keep going.

Divorce Attorney, Shawn Burns had seen too many destroyed marriages to believe that happily ever after actually existed. By avoiding commitment, he remained aloof, and most importantly, unattached. Nicole, Shawn’s old college friend, is the only woman that he would ever be willing to give his heart to, but she was married to someone else…

Some friendships survive under stress. Some do not. Can Shawn, provide the healing balm for his friend’s soul? Will Nicole ever be able to find hope, forgiveness, or love for her desolate heart?

Kelly- 4.5 Crowns


Wow! This is one emotional and gripping read. A deeply real, raw and devastating portrayal of loss.


The subject matter for many is their worst nightmare realised and yet I can't even begin to tell you that within this tale of grief and heartbreak is a deeply profound message of hope... One that comes in the form of a good friend. A friend that is a successful lawyer, notorious womaniser and renowned bachelor. One that has been hiding in the shadows since college and who, only now, realises the importance of flaying the old ways and following the only truth he has ever known.

Shawn has cared deeply for Nicole since he met her that day, but she was already married with a young child. His advances were fruitless back then, so they remained in a healthy and strict platonic relationship, all they have ever known.

Nicole had it all. A great college education, a husband and a beautiful son, Jax. She may have only been 17 when she fell pregnant but it didn't stop her living her dream. Only, life has a way of turning the tables so when the unfathomable happens, Nicole is left angry, bitter and alone. No-one can break the surface, or bring back the woman they once knew... all but the one deemed least likely.

Shawn Burns will not let Nicole stay lost. He wants to show her a way out and the first point of call is enlisting himself as her divorce lawyer. She trusts a friendly face in her time of need so easily accepts his kind offer.

With the surmounting pressure of getting back to day-to-day living, Nicole hangs on by a thread, until one episode at the A.R.T Centre (a charitable retreat for young and desperate single mothers that Nicole founded with her best friend, Zena) leaves Nicole fighting to breathe. With no reprieve in sight, Nicole sets off to do the unthinkable - the war is lost, the road to recovery a long and arduous journey that Nicole doesn't have the strength for anymore. There is just one thing standing in her way, and her saviour is not taking NO for an answer.

For a debut novel, Leigha Lewis has excelled in her ability to take a heavy subject matter and give it a true sense of justice. This may be an emotional story but it was delivered with sensitivity and a bout of realism that had me reaching for those Kleenex more than once!

But... if you are concerned that this may a little too heavy then think again, because this book really does hold elements of beauty. Take a look at this:

"You brought me back from feeling like I didn't want to live anymore. You literally nursed me back to life. My heart still aches like it has never ached before, but you gave me my will to live. I owe you forever."


Shawn Burns was a welcome addition to this story and what a truly wonderful character he is. A man worth his weight in gold and I loved everything about him. It's easy to say that I sat here and swooned over a male character, it's the genre I read but in this case, he didn't just melt my heart, he fixed it. Along with Nicole, I felt that darkness fade and that inner light prevail and by the end I wanted to hug my kindle and congratulate Leigha on a job well done!

My only negative is there are errors being a self-published novel and a little confusion with first and third narrative in places, but overall, this was a well thought out and executed story that I just couldn't put down.

Read it but heed my advice... Invest in tissues!!!



Elizabeth - 5 Crowns


Wow this story just left me breathless... It deals with an incredibly sad tragedy, in a beautiful and truly respectful way.


This is the story of Nicole... A beautiful woman with a beautiful life. Then, in a split second, everything she has ever known is ripped away. How can she survive something so devastating? Shawn is a longtime friend, and a divorce attorney. He is a bit bitter in the love department due to his line of work, but that doesn't make him any less of a true friend. A friend that Nicole needs badly even if both of them don't fully understand it at first.


This is a very respectfully heartfelt story. I love sooooo much the Leigha Lewis did not do what most cookie cutter books do now a days; throw them into bed asap, and let the hot sex cure all the pain. She truly took the time to let us feel the heart ache, then rejoice with the healing hearts.


You do need some kleenex... for the sad and the happy tears, so be prepared!


Well done Leigha.. you have a true fan! Can't wait to see what you do next! <3


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