Jetson (Entwined in the Vine, #2)

by C.A Ellis


Get ready for Jetson, these Brit boys are hardcore and will rock your world!


Oh I loved this second book in the Entwined in the Vine series. However you do not need to have read The Vine in order to enjoy this novel as it can be read as a complete standalone.


We briefly meet Jett in the Vine, as he is a good friend of Lizzy and Katy's. The nice guy living a dream who always had a kind word and a solid shoulder to lean on. I knew he was a sweetheart, but my goodness... be prepared to seriously fall for this guy in Jetson.


This is the story of Jett Matthews and Dolly 'Daydream' Winters. Jett is a rising rock star. His band Jetson may hail from English shores but they have smashed the US music scene, only to come back home to mass hysteria. Everyone wants a piece of these boys, especially the inked ex-tattooist and lead singer of the band. That is everyone except the young single Mother who has no idea who he is...


Jetson have a brief reprieve in their recording and touring schedule. The tabloids are not expecting them back for a few more days so Jett makes a split decision to hit the local skatepark. But he is shocked to find even at this early hour, that he isn't alone. 


Dolly may still be young but with big responsibilities and this particular morning it was keeping her 4-year-old son from waking up the whole household, well... okay, just her hardworking professional parents.


Jett and Dolly collide one morning at dawn, she with the baby pink hair and shy smile, he with the beanie hate, skateboard and abundance of tattoos.

Two strangers.

One skatepark. 

Zero interruptions.

He wasn't looking for love, she didn't believe she would ever find it... but fate has other ideas.


I loved the flow of this book, and the notion of anonymity. Dolly was a breath of fresh air for Jett as he was so used to groupies and casual sex on tap that he never envisioned meeting a woman who treated him the same as everyone else. That boy falls and he falls hard!


Dolly is a young but very attentive Mother to her son Rafe, even though she has had it hard, the support of her parents has seen her through the toughest times of abandonment by 'the sperm donor.' Putting those days behind her, Dolly is ready to move on, but nothing is more important to her than Rafe, so when Dolly and Jett decide to date, she is elated that her life is finally taking a turn for the better and he seems willing to accept her little baggage. That is until she finds out who Jett really is and has to make the toughest decision of her life... 


Loves little dilemma; does Dolly stay knowing that her family's life will suddenly be thrown in the limelight and under the notorious tabloid bus, or run... taking her son and her sensitive heart away from the one person who loves them both unconditionally in order to keep them 'safe?'


Jett and Dolly's relationship should have been so simple, but when dating a famous rock star, nothing is ever straightforward, which is where the angst in this story comes in.


Rafe is a sweetheart, he is so funny and you will fall in love with this kid and the way he and Jett not only form a bond but a true love for each-other proving that this isn't just a love story between a man and a woman, but a story of family, trust, friendship, loyalty and sacrifices made that affects all.


From Madison Square Garden to a small skatepark in London, Jett is a man of many talents and not just on stage, if ya know what I mean. ;)


I could appreciate Dolly's dilemmas, and even though there were a couple of scenarios where I felt she over-reacted, I loved their dynamics. My only gripe is the whole 'jumbo' thing, I found it a little cringeworthy. I have never been a fan of naming a private appendage but hey, that's just me! ;)


Overall this is a gripping read with a sexy edge and a strong message. Those Jetson boys may know how to party, but they also know how to care and work as a unit and I loved their connection. I hope we see more of these boys in Katy's book that's coming next.


A great read!

Kelly  - 4 Crowns

Prepare for the highs… Prepare for the lows…Prepare to fall in love…

Jett, Sonny, Jude and Ace are four guys with very different personalities but with one strong mutual goal: to take their band, Jetson, all the way. 
Jett Matthews, the lead singer of Jetson, and his boys are finally hitting the big time and living the dream they’ve strived so long for. 
As always, dreams come at a price. There’s the non-stop media attention, the parties, the booze binges, and of course, being hounded by hundreds of groupies. For these boys, all that doesn’t seem like a hard price to pay; in fact for some of them, it’s just perks of the job.
Jett’s finally back on home soil after a tour of the U.S and Europe, when the cutest girl with the pinkest hair enters his world. Jett seems to be falling hard for the rainbow-haired beauty, but can she handle the pitfalls of fame and a life in the spotlight she’s about to be plunged into? She has a lot to consider, like her son. 
As we follow Jett and Dolly’s journey, there are curve balls being thrown from all directions. Can Jett have his musical dream and his girl? And when the unthinkable happens, is it a step too far for Jett and Dolly’s love to survive?
Ultimately, can Jett keep the only girl he’s ever really wanted, while he takes over the world one sexy, husky lyric at a time?

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