Intense Insane In Love by S.D. Becca

Joanne - 3

This book is a short read that packs a lot of punch.

We meet an obviously scarred and broken Leah who believes her best friend betrayed her with her boyfriend Robert. Robert, who is to be a senator one day, vehemently denies having anything to do with Kari ( the best friend) despite a pregnancy. We travel with Leah as she begins a new life in a new state. She lonely, scared and starts a new job only to feel as though she is hated by the new CEO Jacob Boyd....fine line between hate and love....I hope part 2 shows us if she found any happiness. I was completely pulled in to the book. It doesn't disappoint, just hope the next book notches up to another level.

Kelly - 2.5/3

An emotional journey of self-discovery.

Leah Lovemann grew up in a stable and loving home with parents she adored, but one-day, everything changed. Her world was ripped apart the day her Father left the marital home to continue his illicit affair with his secretary. Then, only a couple of years later, at just the tender age of 12, Leah tragically loses her Mother to cancer and has no choice but to move in with her Father and the Stepmother from hell.

As the young Leah endures emotional abuse at the hands of her Stepmother and Step-Uncle, Leah shuts off her emotional gauge and surrounds herself with an impenetrable wall, guarding her feelings. The only solace in all of this is her best friend, Kari. The girl who whispers words of hope and support – giving Leah the strength to carry on.

Robert, her Boyfriend of the past five years is a successful businessman, working towards becoming Senator one-day so everything should now be perfect in her 28 years of adult-life… but it’s not. Robert has not been honest with Leah and his promiscuous traits have finally caught up with him. Feeling cheated and alone, Leah leaves her life behind in New York, and travels to Philadelphia.

As a new job offer lands in her lap, she accepts it, knowing it’s the promise of a new venture – the start of a new chapter in her life.

Peter, the CFO and her direct boss seems nice enough; supportive and approachable, however the CEO proves to be an unwanted distraction. He’s wealthy, handsome and unfortunately, incredibly arrogant! But there’s something behind his eyes, something only Leah can see, and although he is a closed book (like herself), she feels that maybe they are not so dissimilar after all…


The premise of this short novella was an interesting one. I enjoyed the snippets of Leah’s back-story as it made me understand her pessimistic views on love and relationships more clearly. Her life was torn apart by some of the events that transpired and yet she still managed to go to Yale and make her professional life a success. I love a strong heroine and Leah really did manage to turn things around.

What I didn’t like about this story is the plethora of grammatical errors. This book really needs a keen eye of an Editor to comb through the many mistakes.

The formatting was really off but it could have been because my version was a PDF converted to a kindle compatible file, which may possibly be the culprit. Also, the dialogue didn’t flow particularly well and the pace was erratic. It needs more scene description and character building, as I didn’t feel any attachment at all to the characters. Although, Jacob’s character interested me the most, he didn’t come in to play until later on in the story so I feel it would have been more prudent to have read this story in its full entirety. This novella is just the first part and it ended quite abruptly, leaving the reader hanging.

It needs work, but the experience wasn’t a superfluous one and I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review her story; Intense. Insane. In-love, and I wish SD Becca every success in the future.

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