Incite (Sphere of Irony, #1) 
by Heather Leigh



Privilege, poverty, death, and self-loathing; these are the backgrounds of the men of the internationally famous rock band, Sphere of Irony.

Adam Reynolds is an impoverished teen raised by neglectful parents in one of London’s most dangerous boroughs. He turns to his love of music and countless girls to escape his sad reality.

Beautiful and naïve Ellie Palmer comes from a well-off family that suddenly finds themselves living in one of the poorest neighborhoods in London. Alone in a frightening new place, Ellie is afraid to leave the safety of her home, only going out to walk to school and back.

When Adam prevents Ellie from becoming the victim of a horrific sexual assault, they discover something that two teenagers never thought they would find in such a depressing place. Each other.

After tragedy, lies, and distance tear their future away from them; they each wander through life empty and hopeless no matter who or what they use to replace the feelings of loss.

From the crime-ridden streets of London’s East End to the over-the-top display of wealth in L.A. Can two broken souls conquer their demons in order to find true happiness?

This is book 1 in a 4 part series. It is a spin-off of the Famous Series. These can be read as standalones.

Emma - 4.5 Crowns


Book 1 in the new Sphere of Irony series. This is lead singer Adam's story.

Growing up in Hackney in London's East End isn't easy for anyone, but for Adam Reynolds it is particularly tough. Living in poverty due to his mother's serious drug addiction, he also has to deal with a mostly absent, abusive father who only shows his face when he wants to throw a few punches in both Adam's and his Mum's direction. With no support from his older drug dealing brother, he relies on his best friend Dax to keep him from drowning in the shit that is his life.

Due to finish school after completing sixth form, he and Dax thrive on the attention that they are shown by the ladies and live to play their guitars. Ever the ladies man, he is renowned for never going back for seconds, but life is about to change for Adam and the implications of that will effect him for years to come.

Ellie Palmer has grown up in the very affluent West London suburb of Shepard's Bush. Following the loss of her father's job, she finds herself living in Hackney. When she starts at a tough new school, she doesn't expect to meet a boy, she also doesn't expect that boy to then attempt to rape her. Luckily she is saved by a knight in shining armour, the local playboy and utterly drool worthy Adam. She soon finds herself sucked into his world and he becomes her safe place in the depth of the hell hole she is living in.

So begins an epic love story of undying love, of the obstacles and swerve balls that life throws at us and of chasing happiness and fighting for love even is it feels lost.

I really enjoyed this book. So many books we read are U.S based so straight away I loved the fact that this one is initially set over in Royal Britannia and in my opinion made it different before I'd even started.

This read is very unique in that there are many elements to it. Set over a number of years, you feel the struggles of growing up in a tough part of London in even tougher circumstances. You then move onto L.A; fame, success and the trials that they can bring. There are dark elements as well as the glitterarty moments and Heather Leigh has tied it all up in a really good story. 

Adam and Ellie are extremely loveable and you will feel everyone of the highs they experience, as well as the many lows that they are forced to endure both together and apart. As for the other 3 members of Sphere of Irony, she has the perfect balance of introducing them enough that you look forward to their books but without detracting from the fact that this is Adam and Ellie's book. I often find too much band politics and not enough character development can take over these type of storylines, Heather really has pitched it perfectly.

If I have to be picky then I have to admit that I felt a little confused with the timeline. Personally I would have preferred a header either with the month and year or a header to inform the reader that it was 3 years later. I found this to be a little muddy at times and I honestly think the story really would have benefited with clearer time lapses. On the flip side of that, I have to commend Heather on great research to ensure the language and terminology was fitting. She does warn the reader at the beginning that it isn't perfect, but I have to say it isn't far off. It feels very British and the places and people feel real - well done for the time you obviously spent and the care you took to get it right.

All in all a very well thought out and really enjoyable read. Fast paced and with lots to keep the reader emotionally invested, I struggled to put it down. I look forward to reading Dax, Gavin and Hawke's book, all very different characters and all with a story to tell for sure.

If you enjoy a rock star romance, but want a dark twist, this epic and enduring love story is a MUST READ!!





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