ICE (Regulators MC, #1) 
by Chelsea Camaron 



Loosely attached to Chelsea Camaron's Hellions Series and Jessie Lane's Ex Ops Series.

She's an investment banker.
He's an outlaw biker.
A little bit of heaven is about to meet a whole lot of hell.

Morgan Powell was raised to be perfect, to set an example for her sisters to follow. Her life has been dedicated to making something of her career, so she wouldn’t know what to do with a man even if you gave her an instruction manual.

Brett 'Ice' Grady spends his days trying to keep up with his teenage daughter, his nights consumed in Regulators’ MC business. He has no time for anything more than a casual hookup. 

Two worlds collide when the dangers of his life crash into the calm of hers. 

Can she go beyond her own boundaries and chip her way through to the man known to be as cold as ice?

Emma - 3.75 Crowns


'3.75 Crowns 

Book 1 in the Regulators MC series. This is a completely new series, however fans of both the Hellion's Ride series and the Ex Ops series will recognise some characters. You do not need to have read either of these series to enjoy this book.

Ice is the President of the Regulators Motorcycle Club based in Florida. In his mid 30's, he is Ex Special forces and has been widowed for many years. If being the leader of an outlaw club isn't hard enough, being a single parent to a 16 year old girl is even harder. Brooke however is the centre of his universe and he will do anything to keep her safe and on the right path in life. They butt heads a lot but they also share a real love and respect for each other. When he finds Brooke has missed her curfew one night he immediately goes hunting her down, finding her with her new BFF at a house party. Playing the usual over-protective card he breaks up the party and takes her new bestie Madyson home to give her parents a piece of his mind.

Morgan Powell is 24 year old investment banker. Having had a very stiff upbringing and having been made to fit into the mold of the perfect daughter, she is now living alone and learning to spread her wings. She is a self confessed prude and pseudo old lady who still finds it difficult to not follow the rules that her tough parents set out for her. Older sister to Madyson and Mallory, she soon finds herself being used by her sister Mady as a way to avoid taking her wild ways home with her. When one evening she is given a dressing down by a tall, hot biker (who also happens to be a complete arsehole) about taking responsibility of her rebellious sister, she soon finds herself unwillingly sucked into his world. 

When Mady mysteriously disappears, will Ice be able to help her? and can she trust a outlaw biker?


Ice and the Regulators MC may run strip joints and run on the wrong side of the law at times, but appearances can be deceptive and Ice might just be the ONLY one who can find Mady before its too late.

This is an enjoyable story. I love the Hellion's series and Ice had been mentioned in Shooters book, so it was nice to step into his world. I love MC books and in essence it is one, however it does have a suspense thriller feel to it as well. Although not unique it was nice that it was a complete departure from the Hellion's.

Morgan was a pleasant enough character. I would be lying if I said she kicked arse because for me she didn't, but she certainly fit the role of a rule following, innocent girl thrust into a world full of bikers and very dangerous men. Ice, he was confusing to me at the start of the book. On one hand he was a devoted father and on the other he was a complete and utter arsehole. It took me a little while to connect to him, but once I did I completely understood him and recognised that the authors had purposely created an unemotional man. He is hardened by the things he witnessed in war and the loss of his wife at just 19. He has closed off his heart to anyone except his daughter and it takes sometime to chip off the ice that he has surrounded it with. This is a slow burn love story with the emphasis being very much on Madyson's disappearance. I have to say that it was a refreshing change to the usual insta-love/lust you tend to get in these type of stories.

If you are looking for an MC book with emphasis on the storyline rather than being over the top on sex, this series is something I would recommend. I certainly will look out for Hammer and Coals stories coming in 2015.


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