How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo

Kelly - 5

This book has just made my awe inspiring list, I haven't made the shelf yet, but I am going to and I'm going to tell you why:

My passion is reading, I love it, it's my ultimate escapism, it's the time when I can access a different world with words and revel in the feeling that a good book provokes. I love a book that makes me laugh and cry and fist pump and do all those silly things that make books truly great, and authors my heroes. But i hold another passion and that is music, not just any music - Rock Music! I have had a fascination with bands since the day I was born, I know this as fact because my Mother brought me up on the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Queen, among other Rock n Roll greats. I was that kid in the highchair at 9 months road, eating my weetabix and moving my oversized wobbly head to Bohemian Rhapsody, so to read a book that incorporates an impeccably written work of fiction with an honest account of the Rock music industry with a good romance thrown in the mix and I knew I was onto a winner!

This story follows Eliza as she embarks on her new journey as a music critic, landing a job for Sonica magazine in New York, where her Brother, Michael and his wife and best friend, Vera live. Having only those two people for connections, they give her a room in their old apartment, which is still occupied by Paul Hudson, the lead singer of Michael's band, Bananafish.

Paul Hudson is an attractive and very talented singer/songwriter who also has a taste for the ladies, however as soon as he meets Eliza and gets to know her, a mutual respect starts to develop. They are two people so passionate about music that it starts to form unbreakable bonds and we start to see a relationship develop and a love form that is so beautiful, it slowly melts away the darker elements of both character's pasts. That is until, everything changes.

Bananafish get offered an incredible opportunity to go on the road and tour with Loring Blackman, the son of the infamous Doug Blackman, a Rock star from the 70's that coincidentally is a hero to both Eliza and Paul. Due to past events which ultimately resulted in a huge fear of flying, Eliza is concerned that she cannot tag along but it turns out its tour bus only, so Eliza kills two birds with one stone and writes a daily tour diary for the magazine for the two weeks that she joins them. This tour however opens up further possibilities for Paul and the band. Ultimately causing Eliza to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.

I laughed so hard reading this book, and I sobbed like a baby. I adored the way Tiffanie gave Paul a voice when he was dictating his everyday diary entries into a tape recorder, he was a breath of fresh air and not just for his tongue in cheek, sarcastic wit but because I understood him! Everything he felt, the passion, the way he put his heart and soul into his work and the truth behind Mr Winkle (hehehe, you need to read this book to understand that comment), everything he experienced, I understood. I have seen a glimpse of what Tiffanie portrays in this story. I have walked that wide corridor with the gold and platinum discs on the walls holding on tight to my boyfriends arm and seen a band get their hopes up, being made promises by managers and promoters that turned out in the long run to be hot air. Instead of record executives being there for the love of music, they are sitting at a desk full of scattered demo Cd's in a tie crunching numbers on a calculator. I understood Paul, and I related to Eliza, which is why, this book was one I finished then held to my chest and hugged at 2am because I just had to read the whole Goddamn thing in one day.

I really liked Loring and Doug, and the interview that they both gave Eliza was a refreshing and stunning truth that many people like myself can relate to. A truly amazing book that is beautifully written with a passionate integrity that will stay with me forever. This is a must read for music lovers! I would give this book 10 stars if I could, I would pull them from the sky myself. Tiffanie Debartolo, you have a new fan and I am so damn proud of you. A truly wonderful book.


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