Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning
Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs


Ok. Jace's story is heart wrenching and I ached to hold and hug him and do other things to ease his pain...

This story was different than I expected... Seeing how I thought Jace was in a kink area all his own with the dungeon and mistress and all... And you do get some of that, but it turned out to be a very heart warming story. It was great to be back with all the sinners though!!



Kelly - 5 handcuffs


Olivia Cunning takes the Sinners to an all-new level in this deeply compelling and heart-wrenching tale of one man’s struggle to find closure and personal acceptance.

This isn’t just another Sinner’s Book, Olivia really took the literally bull by the horns in this third instalment and touched on deeper and more disturbing of subject matters.

I have been eagerly awaiting Jace’s story, as, up until this point, we had only caught glimpses of his characterisation. He was the quiet one, the newer band member who hid and watched quietly within the shadows. From what we understand, he likes the darker side of sexual gratification, participating in strong elements of BDSM, with a desire for pain infliction; however, I didn’t expect the direction that Hot Ticket would steer me in.

This third book is the glue that melds this series together, enveloping the strong connection that bonds these hair-raising yet loveable rock stars to a whole new level, as four finally become five.

Jace has a dark and disturbing past. Having been subjected to mental and physical abuse by his own parents’ hands, his only salvation was music. Attending a rock concert at 15 changed Jace’s life forever. Inspired by his favourite band, he finally knew the direction he wanted his future to take as he dedicated all his time and effort in learning the bass guitar, aiding to make his dream become a reality.

Years later, he finds himself touring with one of the most successful rock bands in the States. Pinching himself regularly at his good-fortune, he knows these bunch of misfits had saved him, literally - steered him away from taking the lonely road of self-destruction. But, Jace isn’t one to voice his gratitude. 

His elusive nature, has at times given the other’s an open invitation for ridicule, especially Eric. Hoping that their easy bantering will open him up and help embrace the Brotherhood before him, not understanding why he decides to lurk in the shade. But... they can’t know, they can never know who he really is, what he did, because if they knew, they may not accept the fact that Jace is Broken. Riddled with guilt, he lives in the dark, surrounded in Nightmares from a secret past he desperately longs to forget – as his pain inside consumes him, he substitutes his need to feel by paying for services that only a select few are trained to administer.

After the initial meeting with Aggie in the strip club in Vegas at Brian’s Batchelor Party, he accepts her offer as he takes a trip to her private dwelling, entering the confines of her dungeon. 

Aggie has never got involved with her client’s. She is a strict professional Domme and that will never change, but there is something about the man in front of her, with his chocolate brown eyes and bleached blond spiky hair. Why does a man with the face of an angel, revel in pain so intense that it even exceeds her own comfort levels.

Knowing there is more to the man in front of her, she makes it her mission to help unleash the pain that she knows dwells inside as she throws her inhibitions and moral high ground to the wind and gets to know her new client.

Jace never wanted a relationship, but Aggie is the perfect distraction. Her Mistress V persona becomes a craving, an obsession as she offers him pain and pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. So, when feelings start to invade their professional pairing and Mistress V’s persona takes a backseat to Aggie, the real women behind the façade, it throws Jace into all new territory as he struggles to cope with his past demons as plans for his spiralling future unleash further obstacles.


I cannot praise Olivia Cunning enough for her Sinners on Tour Series. They truly are a steadfast, rockin’, sex-fuelled joyride with a hidden message. Brotherhood, family, acceptance and love play a huge part and what make these stories truly inspirational. As a fan of the Rock n Roll lifestyle, I can jump in and experience all the naughty escapades in the confines of my comfy armchair, and not feel guilty about a damn thing.

I’m looking forward to Eric’s story next, it will make a change watching his ‘action’ from the sidelines - it’s about time that boy got a front row seat!

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