Honey Red 
by Liz Crowe 



Two men suffering from visible and invisible wounds meet by chance circumstance.

Nick Traynor and Ian Donovan spend a lot of time and effort keeping it very hot, only physical, and purely superficial. But when their resolve starts to slip, a woman is tossed into their midst.

Hannah Williams wants nothing more than to do her job until something better comes along, but is forced to own up to her visceral reaction to Ian, her new boss, and later to Nick, his sometimes lover.

Lust has a funny way of turning into companionship, and eventually evolving into a deeper connection. Faced with the internal and external complications of their potential three-way relationship, they begin to heal and trust, to consider that it might work. Then life tosses them a hardball, forcing them back into their respective corners, where each must choose what is most important.

Three people determined not to commit, thrown together by fate and undeniable attraction--their nights heat up and emotions run high in spite of a claimed mutual desire to "keep it simple." In the process of honest self-discovery, can they learn that while love is never simple, it is definitely worth fighting for?



Emma - 4.5 Crowns

Liz Crowe is one of my favourite authors... I am a huge fan of her Stewart Realty series and have been lucky enough to be an early reader on her new Love Brother's series. Her books never let me down and Honey Red is no exception.

Ian Donovan has hit rock bottom. Sleeping around with anyone, anywhere he drinks too much and not only disappoints himself but fails to match the success of the twin brother he adores. When he gets a call from a hospital to tell him that he has a baby son by a meth addicted mother, he knows its time to get a grip. He finally relents and heads to Michigan to help his brother Gavin build his beer brewing company and rebuild his life.

5 Years later and the company is going great guns but it needs direction and more staff. When Gavin then starts dating the distributor that Ian is keen to get rid of and refuses to recruit he feels like he is banging his head against a brick wall. Adding to the frustration is the lack of any sex in 5 years as he focuses on bringing up his son Jamie. He loves his son but he is lonely. Until he meets someone/s that may change the direction his life is heading in.

Nick Traynor is a decorated and wounded ex marine. Having lost his life and the man he loves in a car bomb, he is struggling to adapt to life. Surrounded in darkness both physically and emotionally, he lives with his sister as he adjusts to life as not just a gay man but a blind one as well. Will he ever be able to move on? he doesn't think so. That is until he meets Ian Donovan. Ian makes him feel things he didn't think he could ever feel again, but as surprising as that is, it scares the hell out of him and he knows he has to avoid him at all costs.

Enter Hannah Williams, new marketing director and red headed, innocent beauty. She has an instant attraction to Ian, her new boss and they soon find themselves wrapped up in a purely sexual relationship. When she meets Nick, she should feel jealous shouldn't she? So why does she find herself aroused and equally attraction to this damaged soul.

Three people all battling their own issues and insecurities. They are all determined to keep things light and simple. So when things get more serious, how will they react? Will there pasts come back to haunt them and spoil the future for our threesome? or will they fight to find the happiness and love that they all desperately want?

One word... HOT!! This book is a hot and steamy look at the trials and tribulations of sexual identity, sexual liberation and finding love in relationship that is seen by society as taboo. The characters all have lives that have meat to them and combining the the three characters this becomes a book less about sex and more about how you create happiness in a unconventional way and against everything you believed yourself to be. I honestly loved the underlying message in this book. The characters had real depths to them; Ian struggling to match the successes of his twin brother, Nick struggling to overcome his grief and disability and Hannah fighting to spread her wings away from debt and the responsibility she feels for her mother.

If you are looking for a ménage read that isn't just sex but actually focuses on the real life challenges of falling for two people of opposite sexes - Honey Red is a MUST READ!


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