Here/Now (The Depth of Emotion, #3)

by D.D Lorenzo



Carter was a “rules” kind of guy. He worked and believed in the system, but the system was unjust. His wife is dead, his brother tragically injured, and an innocent woman paid for the sins of another. Assessing his life, he determines that deceit and lies no longer have a place there. He’s lived in the darkness of his own despair, and watched evil corrupt the lives of those he loves. His intent is to destroy it.


What he didn’t expect was something beautiful to emerge from the darkness...


Regret lives in the past.

Hope lives in the future.

Reality is the present.

Here/Now is the struggle.

Is it possible that tragic circumstances can birth the most unexpected blessings?

Emma - 4.5 Crowns


Book 3 in the Depth of Emotion series.


This book is very much a spin-off from books 1 & 2 and in my opinion it could be read as a standalone. I would however recommend the previous books in the series as this will give you a true and clear understanding of the back story that has led to Here/Now.

This is Carter Sinclair's journey of recovery following the murder of his wife and childhood sweetheart Lacey. Having rushed to the aid of his injured brother very soon after her death, Carter has never had time to truly grieve and accept his loss. Having decided to return home to the house and life he had with Lacey, he begins the path of mending his heart and making plans for his future. When a new neighbour turns up, she changes his direction, leading him toward the light at the end of the tunnel, attempting to save him from the darkness that he is drowning him... Or will he ultimately be the one doing the saving?

Aimee is a sought after Supermodel, but she is also a child of the system. Having grown up with no family, she was thrust into the limelight at a young age after being "Discovered". Her friend and fellow model Declan Sinclair became her best friend and the older brother she never had. Having spent time with Declan, she has become acquainted with his brother Carter. So when after a particularly busy time in front of the camera, Aimee decides its time to settle down and find a base for herself. Having visited with Declan, she chooses the beautiful lakeside town that Carter calls home. Finding a dilapidated house boat in need of some TLC, she takes the plunge, moving and finally having a place of her own to call home. Carter however isn't pleased to see the girl that he assumes to be another pampered princess. He doesn't need or want the calm that she seems to evoke in him. Can Aimee forge a friendship with a man so determined to wallow in the life he now finds himself in? 

And throughout all of this, Lacey's killer, Marisol Franzi, remains Locked up in a secure facility... Plotting her release and the demise of all those that have taken everything from her.

This is a seriously good book. The first half of this book is good and you envision the way the story will play out. DO NOT BE FOOLED! By 50% believe me when I say, you will not be able to put it down. The direction of the book changes, it becomes fast paced and seriously brilliant. The drama and suspense that D.D has created makes this a complete departure from the previous reads and man, it blindsided me big time!!

The quality of writing as with the previous books is superb. D.D's talent really is the descriptive and beautifully formatted flow that she writes with. I have to say though that she has a hidden dark side to her and she unleashes it in Here/Now. I enjoyed both of the previous books but in my opinion D.D has gone full throttle with this book. The most exciting thing is that I know that the darkness she has added to her storytelling will continue into the book she has planned to complete this series and I for one cannot wait!!

Well done on a blinder of a book D.D, I loved it. A brilliant edition to the depth of Emotion series and an absolute MUST READ for lovers of romance with emotion, suspense, high drama delivered under a veil of darkness.



Elizabeth - 5 Crowns



5+++++++ Royal Stars!!


OMG.. D.D. you knocked it out of the park with this 3rd book!! I love that it is a stand alone/spinoff book from the first 2 although I highly recommend reading the first two to get a feel for the characters! I want to re-read this again, I loved it so much! Amazing!





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