Hellbent (Four Horseman MC #5)

By Sara Rayne


Book 5 in the Four Horseman MC series. Each book covers different members as they tackle their personal lives, but with a continuing storyline that runs in the background of each read. I therefore recommend reading the books in the order they were written to enhance your feel for the club and the very different members that make it up.

Shepherd is the VP of the Four Horseman and the one that everyone turns to in their time of need. He is the clubs voice of reason and the balance of calm needed in the club at times. He carries people’s secrets and the advice he gives is always from the heart. But who shoulders his secrets, the turmoil he lives with and the truth and guilt that consume him and could cost him the club that he fought so hard to be part of?

Pretty Boy is a prospect in the Four Horseman MC for one reason… Shep! He needs to prove himself to the man that saved his life; that he was worth everything he lost as a consequence. But how can he ever pay back a man that sacrificed his whole life one dark night many years ago. Never one for labels, he is happy with who he is, with the burning attraction he has for his VP. But will the loyalty he has for the club and his loyalty to the man ever be enough to make what they want okay in the biker world that they live in?

I have to say that this book is the one I have waited for since the end of book 1, Sweet Perdition. Yes, this is a collective series about an MC, so lots of characters pop up throughout. Shep, however, is a real integral part in each member’s story, and throughout the first 4 books we were given glimpses of the secret Shep holds close and the effects that has on him. I was seriously feeling for this man a long time ago, wanting a happy ending for him, such is his kindness and the heart and loyalty he has for his brothers; none more so than Pretty Boy. The relationship they have runs deep and goes back many years. There is lots of guilt, buckets of attraction and a reciprocated loyalty that is undeniable.

This book was everything I hoped for and a bit more. It had the grittiness and politics that coming out in an MC would create, but it also had an emotional, often difficult and complicated love story between 2 damaged men. I fell in love with Shep even more, and loved Pretty Boy for his determination to make Shep happy in his own skin for the first time in his life.

A fantastic addition to a really good MC series. Rolling onto the next, I can’t get enough of this club and its member’s complex lives. 


Emma - 4.5 Crowns

Think on your sins. Shepherd does it every damn day. He pays his penance in service to his MC—keeping their secrets, guarding their gates, shouldering their burdens. But his own secrets threaten to bury him. Secrets bigger than forbidden temptations. Secrets older than his loyalty to the club. Secrets deeper than the grave he'll take them to. And there's only one thing—one person—that he'd sacrifice it all for. 
Pretty Boy spent a lot of his life wandering in the darkness and the rest of it following Shepherd to the Promised Land of the Four Horsemen MC. Once upon a time, Shepherd sacrificed everything to keep Pretty Boy safe and he's hellbent on proving to Shepherd that it wasn't for nothing. That he isn't nothing. 

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