Heart Recaptured (Hades Hangmen #2)

by Tillie Cole



Even salvation can be delivered through the love of the damned…

Beauty can be a curse.

Faith can be a cage.

Only love can set you free.

A few long weeks after being reluctantly ripped from the comforting embrace of her sacred prophet’s religious commune—the only life she has ever known—a terrified Delilah is thrust into a world enveloped by evil and swimming in sin. 

Steadfastly devout in her faith, and retaining the deep belief that her soul is innately tarnished as a branded ‘Cursed woman of Eve’, Delilah is determined to find her way home to her people in The Order and away from the corrupt and damned outlaw motorcycle club—The Hades Hangmen—who hold her at their secluded compound for her protection—a 'protection' she strongly resents. 

Delilah yearns to return home, convinced that only amongst her own people, and under the holy guidance of the Lord’s revealed prophet, can her Satan-spawned soul be truly saved. Conditioned her entire life to believe she is a witch... a life-long temptress… the devil’s whore... Delilah increasingly resents her beautiful face, her shapely body and her sensuous effect on men. But when a man of the motorcycle club—a deeply sinful yet stunningly beautiful man—is charged with her care, Delilah begins to see that this dangerous and moralless sinner from the 'outside' may offer her something she did not know could truly exist: unconditional love.

Kyler ‘Ky’ Willis loves his life: a daily abundance of brotherhood, liquor, the freedom of the open-road and—best of all—his pick of hot women. Raised a biker brat and now VP of the most notorious MC in the States, Ky has no shortage of club sluts warming his bed; a situation he takes full advantage of… until a certain blonde enters his life… a gorgeous pilgrim-blonde he can’t get out of his head… a pilgrim-blonde he and his club recently-rescued from some backward religious cult… and a pilgrim-blonde he’s been ordered to keep the hell away from and his whorish hands off.

When yet another in a lengthy line of drunken blunders forces Ky to reluctantly take charge of the pilgrim-blonde’s care, he realizes that there could be more to this woman than just supermodel looks and a stacked set of tits. He begins to see that she could be the woman who could do the impossible—tame his wild ways and capture his reluctant heart.

But the unyielding bonds of Lilah’s past are strong, her ‘people’ determined and, with a new Prophet in charge and hell bent on revenge, they are mightily reluctant to let her go...

Dark Contemporary Romance.
Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language, and very mature topics.
Recommended for age 18 years and up*



Elizabeth - 5 Crowns


Book 2 of the Hades Hangmen Series.. it is just Uh-mazing!!!


Tillie Cole captures a complete ying and yang among lifestyles with the Hades Hangman MC and Cult survivors... there is an extreme broadness to the spectrum, making this a fascinating and totally unique series, you can't get any further apart than these two types of lifestyles but Tillie moulds them together perfectly.


Add in some serious, deep underscore of violence and love.. and you get an MC book that has no comparison!


I freaking love these books!!!

Emma - 5+ Crowns


Book 2 in the Hades Hangman series.


Although this book is about a new couple, the background story is a continuation from book 1 and therefore the series should be read in the order in which it was written.


OMG... I have been patiently waiting for this book since Tillie Cole informed her readers that she had decided to make this into a series. Loved Ky in book one and although we saw very little of Leilah, we certainly knew towards the end of that her and Ky had potential. This is their story.


Ky is VP of the Hades Hangman MC; gorgeous, arrogant and a self confessed and very proud Man-whore - he never keeps women around for long. Live fast and variety is the spice of life describe Ky perfectly. That is until the day he helped rescue the two sisters of his president's (and best friend) old lady from a sadistic cult. The moment he laid eyes on Leilah he knew he had to have her in his bed. Little does he know how much she will change his him and everything he has ever wanted or needed his life to be.


Leilah has grown up believing herself to be the spawn of Satan; one of her religious orders "Cursed". When she finds herself out in the world for the first time in her life, she yearns to be rescued by her people and returned to the only life she has known and one that she has been groomed to except without question. Surrounded by foul mouthed sinners, she struggles to settle and is unwilling to adapt to a world she doesn't belong in; one which she feels is like living with the devil himself. That is until Ky decides to take her under his wing and slowly introduce her to what life could offer her if she just opens her eyes to it.


Ky and Leilah soon develop a trust, a friendship - he is loud, blunt and oh so beautiful to Leilah and she soon finds herself having thoughts that go against everything she has ever been taught. What scares her the most though is that he is just one of the many men in her life that she has bewitched with her beauty and her belief in the lies and beliefs of her religious order may well be their downfall.





I don't know where to start guys. I LOVED It Ain't You Babe but I have to say that this book blew me away even more. The storyline that Tillie Cole has created is twisted, heartbreaking, gritty, raw and bloody magnificent. I thought Mae was fucked up, let me tell you she has nothing on poor Leilah. This character is all shades of messed up and only someone like Ky could get through the layers and layers of mind fuckery this girl goes through.


I warn you now that for the easily offended or those of you who are effected by serious and difficult subject matters, you may want to think long and hard about whether this is the book for you. We Learn a lot more about the religious sect that the girls have lived in and the book contains scenes of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. I would add at this point though that it is in no way trivialised and Tillie has taken great care in the way she moulds this story. This is a necessary part of the storyline, the character development and from what I have read about is a very accurate depiction of life in some of these cults. I saw Tillie interviewed and I know that she has worked extensively with ex members of religious sects and you can tell in the way she has wrote about it. It doesn't feel so much like fiction, it isn't unbelievable and that what makes it all the more heartbreaking to read.


I could go on about this book, but I will stop here. I will however add that Rider/Cain makes a return in this book and takes up his position that he has always believed and was taught was his birthright. I have mixed feelings on him and I would like to believe he has a conscience. He is heartbroken and some of the decisions he makes in this book are very much effected by that, although that is in no way an excuse for them either. I certainly look forward to seeing where Tillie takes his character. Who the hell knows with her scarily twisted mind.Definitely in my top 5 reads of 2014 - this author is fast becoming a automatic 1-click for me. Her writing is amazing and the depth, emotion and thought she puts into her stories is wicked.


I now wait on tender hooks for Flame's book, it is going to be EPIC!!


Kelly - 5 Crowns

If there is one MC series out there that pushes boundaries and takes you on a ride at breakneck speed outside of your comfort zone then this is probably it, but by all that is holy, the Hades Hangmen series is a cut above the rest when it comes to dark contemporary romance.

This book is no easy read, the subject matter is damning and somewhat distressing and I'm not talking about the cut wearing, metal horse riding killers here... I'm referring to the religious cult that twists the Christian religion and uses it for their own sick gratification and gain.

This is Delilah and Kyler's story, and it is... deep. I can't think of any other way to describe it because these two characters are as polar opposite as the sun and moon, and yet one wouldn't work or survive without the other. Delilah may be an innocent victim but her cult has brainwashed her into believing she is the spawn of Satan. A seductress born to entice man, woman of Eve, she is shunned and branded a whore at only six years old due to her stunning beauty. Living a life of abhorrent abuse is the norm for sweet Delilah, her duty as it leads to the road of salvation... Or so she has been led to believe.

Kyler is the VP of the Hades Hangmen and a renowned whore. He can't get enough of the club sluts as he regularly samples their offerings whilst giving them nothing of himself. Although... Mae's crazy god freak cult sister hiding away in her room within the compound has turned his head more than once, even if her incessant ramblings and disgust at the clubs behaviour is enough to make his teeth hurt.

With the downfall of the cult and Prophet David kicking up daisy's, Mae and her two sisters, Maddie and Delilah have swapped one compound for another, the only difference is this MC are more likely to bow at the feet of Hades than god himself. Still searching and praying for redemption, Delilah wants back with her people and it's Mae and Styx's mission to teach her that there is another way; that freedom can be found, even if it lies within the walls of sinners.

Ky is given the task of showing Delilah what it means to be free outside of compound walls as he unwillingly takes on babysitting duties.

What should have been a few weeks of simple teachings turns into an unexpected friendship as a connection forms between the unlikely pair. Ky learns that there is more to the crazy and Delilah starts to trust the one person she feared the most.

'I was never meant to fall for him, but the forbidden love I found with The Hades Hangmen VP turned out to be the key to my salvation.' 

With a new threat looming, the Hades Hangmen continue to protect what is theirs, and Ky realises that Delilah has now become his responsibility, his property and no one is taking what is rightfully his...

And my goodness what a story this was. Whereas in the first book (It Ain't Me Babe) Mae is wanting out of her cult and embraces her love with the President, Delilah is still very much living in the past. She may be strong but mentally she is damaged to the point of no repair. Her teachings have had a profound impact and she truly believes she is nothing without her religion.

Ky Willis is plenty rough around the edges, but he refuses to let Delilah destroy herself as he helps her focus on the now. He isn't known for his restraint but she brings out something in him that he never believed existed. Maybe he isn't quite his old man, after all. 

This is a solid love story weaved within the confines of a sordid darkness that shines a light on the reader, giving you the strength to make it through. Yes, there are some uncomfortable scenes but this is one where you want the bad good guys to win, and Ky, Styx and the gang... They didn't let me down.

If you like dark, and wanna take a ride with the best, then get yourself a date with the Hades Hangmen, they have corrupted me in the best possible way. Thank you, Tillie Cole.

Now... I'm off to get reacquainted with a psycho. Flame, baby.... here I come!



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