Harbour Falls by S.R. Grey






Kelly - 4

A crime mystery novel that compels the reader with its intricately woven detail, delivered with perfect execution.

I have read a few crime thrillers lately, all of them being totally unique in their own way, but I must say, S.R. Grey has done an incredible job with Harbour Falls. Not only is it a cleverly written crime/mystery/investigative novel, but also it incorporates a love story that rendered me, at times, totally and utterly speechless.

I read one of the most beautiful scenes in my life, in this book, and it didn’t even contain sex – yeah, ‘What the hell?’ I hear you say. But, hear me out because it was still incredibly intimate and consisted of strawberries and champagne and a very HOT rich guy and an aeroplane… And it made me hungry, a little dizzy (sympathy altitude – or I forgot to breathe, not sure which) and totally envious, knowing that I could never write such a stunning scene, even if my life depended on it!

I’m not going to add a plot overview, simply because the synopsis is enough, and I am worried I will give too much away with regards to the premise. I will say however, that due to the character scale being a little on the limited side, you quickly have your suspicions - not only on what happened but who was the likely perpetrator, but that’s all it is, suspicion! Be prepared for it to change at the drop of a hat, therefore keeping the reader on his or her toes, because in all honesty, it could involve any one of them!

Harbour Falls is a compelling read with a refreshing twist that still left me guessing, right until the end!

The author was right in taking this original work of fan fiction and embracing the self-published route to get her work ‘out-there.’ You can tell that S.R. Grey put everything into this story; it echoes within the pages that every word, every sentence and every paragraph contains remnants of her heart and soul and it was an absolute pleasure to read.

Great Job S.R!







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