Gunshot Glitter By Yasmin Selena Butt


Kelly - 5 crowns


Cornelia Friend gives all new meaning to the term ‘Killer Hills,’ in this new and deeply compelling ‘hit girl’ crime novel.


Celine Silver is a shadow, her once true-self hiding behind the façade of many. Charlotte Sinden and Cornelia Friend are just two of the fake identities she goes by, but the two that play a pivotal part in this full length novel.

When she receives a phone call from Sera Logan, an old friend and ex-lover asking for her services, Charlotte Sinden takes a back seat as Cornelia Friend enters the exclusive nightclub in Soho, known as Gunshot Glitter. With thousands of pounds in her pocket and her target it sight, it’s just another night on the job as she adorns her raunchy gothic attire and becomes a sexy erotic dancer for the evening.

When Liam enters the club celebrating his 21st Birthday, he gets more than he bargained for when the dark, beautiful dancer offers up her services for free. Escaping through the back exit to elude the hoard of the excited party goers, he is momentarily stunned when the woman attacks him in the dark confines of the car park. With his dying breath and a last fleeting thought of ‘why?’ the deed was done, the contract fulfilled and Sera’s responsibility to close-up any loose ends.

Without turning back, Cornelia played her part tremendously, and went on to even score a lover to take back to her hotel room that night, giving her the perfect alibi.

With her imminent move back to Manchester the following morning, London and Liam Griffin was already becoming a distant memory. However, she wasn’t prepared for her past to catch up with her when her ex-fiancé spots her outside the new building on the way back from his Mother’s funeral.

As the evening turns to passion, and Cornelia/Charlotte becomes Celine again for one night only, the old wounds of the past threaten her resolve and she knows that the only choice she has is to let Anis go, again. For he is the only man she has ever loved. He did not belong in her twisted, sordid world!

As time passes and Liam’s disappearance sparks the interest of the newspapers, the BBC and his missing person facebook page goes viral, all due to the insistence and unwavering dedication to his loving family, Sera finds herself landing in more hot water than she ever imagined. As panic, fear and guilt consumes her, she knows time is running out, and if she’s going down, she isn’t going down alone…


Yasmin Selena Butt is the reason I read self-published work. If I ever hear another person slamming the works of Indie Authors again, I may feel the need to invest in a pair of Killer Heels of my own!

This book is a true testament to the sheer brilliance, hard work and dedication it takes to go at it alone and WOW did she pull this one out of the bag. In fact, its execution is pitched perfect. Each scene captivates you and I truly felt like I was there, living it.

The emotions this book evoked in me were astounding. I felt physically sick with grief. I got angry and felt the need to commit book murder. And… I cried like a baby! I was blubbering by 18% which highlights the full-on intensity of this story.

Gunshot Glitter is unlike anything I have ever read before. It’s a dark, gritty tale of a young girl who lost her way after devastating events rocked her world to the core and stripped her of her former life.

It’s a story of unrequited love, with a very forgiving and likeable man, who wants nothing more than to get his girl back. His Celine. The one he fell in love with all those years ago.

And, categorically, it is one of hope, faith and true unconditional love of a family that will not rest. Will not stop. Will NEVER give up the fight to find out the truth. Liam Griffin, although didn’t capture much page space of his own, will hold a place in my book-loving beating heart, forever!

I highly recommend this book if you like crime thriller / investigative novels. This is written with sheer brutal honesty. It’s clever as intricate puzzle pieces slowly start forming together, with a well thought out plot that is deeply compelling until the end.

An incredible and truly worthy, 5 crowns

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