Going Under by S. Walden

​Elizabeth - 4 crowns


Normally I feel like a dirty cougar that needs therapy when I read YA...  But this book had a very adult matter, that was written in a very straightforward and delicate manner...


Although i did not agree with our Heroine... I did understand and respect her.  I needed to keep in mind that she was a teenager and was overcome by grief and guilt over her best friends suicide and her betrayal against her...


This book is an eyeopener and you can completely believe the story line...


The Hea, that i really didn't think would be in this book was very much appreciated... 


Kelly - 5 crowns

To strong girls everywhere

Yes, that is the dedication on the first inside page and bless S.Walden for it, but I am telling you now... she was not kidding! Not only did she dedicate this story to those who have been through such an horrific violation at another's hand, but it's also a warning to the reader;

Be strong.
Be Brave.
Be respectful.

Take this story at face value and you will experience that strength for yourself.

'Going Under' IS NOT an easy light-hearted read, but you will experience a sense of empowerment from it, well.. I did! Because, when victims of despicable acts finds solace within each other - they are unstoppable! Good will always prevail, you just have to be brave enough to tell your story and make it happen. And S. Walden did that. She made it happen.

The opening chapter of this story is the ultimate of clinchers, as we attend Beth's funeral, an 18 year old girl who has committed suicide. Her best friend, Brooklyn tells the story through her own eyes as we take that walk with her... experiencing the guilt, the grief, the anger, every myriad of emotion she feels, you feel! It hits hard and it hits fast! As we learn of her ultimate betrayal.

Ever wanted to feel like a Fish on a hook, the reel pulling you in?
Yeah...and this is only the beginning!

This book consumed me completely.

I devoured it in a day and yet, although this story is gripping, having the ability of sucking the reader in within the first few pages; throughout it's entirety it covers some very disturbing and rather traumatic subject matters. Infidelity, suicide, grief, substance abuse and gang rape to name but a few...

And yet... we are also given Ryan. He is the light within the darkness, He's like a gifted ray of sunshine as he resonates hope in every featured page. He gives Brooke strength and shows her what it's like to fall in love for the very first time. One of my favourite scenes is featured within this book, which goes to show that actually... this story has everything!

S.Walden is one brave cookie. She took an idea, albeit a controversial one and gave it justice. She spoke out and highlighted some of the vile acts and illicit dealings that can occur in high school.

This story is a emotional rollercoaster read - a true vertical velocity angst ridden shit storm to be precise but it's execution is pitched perfect.

Brilliantly written with an amazingly strong heroine and although there were certain elements I hated... for obvious reasons, it doesn't make this book any less great because of it. Even though my emotions have taken a true knocking today, there is no doubt in my mind that 'Going Under' is a 5 star read.

The author has expressed a concern that victims of sexual abuse may find this a difficult read and may wish to steer clear. I am inclined to agree, although a sense of empowerment may be found from it as this book does end with an HEA and goes to prove that even in the darkest of times, the light of day will eventually shine through. 

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