Girls Breaking The Rules (Alexa)

by Kelsey Burns


Book 2 in a novella series about 3 fun loving girlfriends. I highly recommend reading book 1, Tash before embarking on this read.

Alexa is a party girl who loves the men, so the dry spell she is going through is kicking her arse. Beauty Therapist by day, Pole dance instructor by night, she has the looks, the personality and the body that all men want… and some women too.

The girls are back from Marbella, Tash has found happiness with James and so now it’s time Alexa got back in the saddle to ride a damn stallion. Catching her eye is the very hot and very Irish brother of James. Johnny is in London, rebuilding a relationship with his brother and running their local bar. Flirting and innuendos ensue but life isn't ever straight forward.

I really enjoyed this book. It is the perfectly easy, fun read. A real and true example of how young, free and single Brits enjoy life. With a publishing industry saturated with U.S based erotic fiction, for a British ladette (90’s style) it is a breath of fresh air. It brings back memories of my escapades and conversations with my owns girls and that is always a good thing ;) 

So join these fun loving girls as they navigate the choppy waters of life and love. Packed full of laughs, steam and friendship, you will want to be part of their world

Emma - 4 Crowns

Meet Alexa; Flighty, flirty and lots of fun. A beautician by day, by night she works a pole . 

Strong in mind and body, no one messes with this sharp tongued girl, and no one can look away when she’s strutting her stuff. 

Johnny Murphy is a handsome Dubliner with a knicker-dropping accent, and bundles of charm. He’s also the brother of Tash’s boyfriend, James. 

Like all good stories, it begins in the pub, but can drunken flirting lead to something else?

Will they be a match made in heaven? Or will the past tear them apart?

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