Girls Breaking the Rules (Tash, #1)

by Kelsey Burns


You can't beat a bit of 'British Girl Sass.'


Tash, Shelby and Lex are girls on tour; a long weekend in Marbella in celebration of Tash's birthday, with partying on their minds. And a little pole dancing of course!


These professional ladies know what they want and make no excuses for their behavior. They strike gold before they even leave London soil when they meet a witty t-shirt quote clad stag weekend group consisting of some very sexy firefighters at the airport bar, and Tash's lady bits sing with joy when 'Whips and chains, James,' throws her some serious fuck me eyes.

Remember ladies; whatever happens in Marbella, stays in Marbella...Or does it?

Girls breaking the rules (Tash) is a fun-filled frolic with some seriously hot sex and comedic dialogue. The perfect summer quickie that can be enjoyed on the beach whilst sipping a mojito, or brighten your day when the skies are grey.

A great novella debut from the lovely, Kelsey Burns. 

Kelly  - 4 Crowns

Meet Tash; voluptuous, smart and sinfully sexy. She’s all about having a good time and moving on from men who don’t come up to scratch. A born organiser, Tash plans a naughty girl’s weekend in Marbella for her friends. 

Sun, sea and sex are the only things on the girls’ agenda, but Tash didn’t plan on hooking up with a hotty like James. 

James is a sexy firefighter; a man who can rescue kittens, put out fires, and make lady's knickers wet without even using his hose. When Tash and James get together temperatures soar, as James introduces her to a side of herself she’d never met before.

Emma  - 4 Crowns

Book 1 in a novella series following 3 fun-loving friends - This is Tash's story!

Tash, Shelby and Lex are heading off for a long weekend to celebrate Shelby's birthday. Tash is an office girl, Shelby a photographer and Lex a beautician. They are single, have a great friendship and they love to party. So where do 3 British birds go when they want to have fun...? To the uber glamorous Marbella of course. Sun, sea and sex is on the itinerary, especially after bumping into to a very hot group of Fire-fighters also on their way to party in the sun. Will it be a weekend to forget or the beginning of something new - you will need to read yourself to find out.

What a deliciously hot little read this is. A fantastic début from Kelsey Burns and one that certainly get the blood pumping. I loved the Britishness of it. The humour, the dialogue, the locations. They all just made me reminisce about the fun I had with my old girlfriends back in the day. Let's face it, we've all broke a rule or two in our time.

The perfect summer read. Ideal for the plane ride or to get you a little excited by the pool. Watch out though you may be get a little wet, but it won't be from your swim (sorry had to be done!) Well done Ms Burns, I look forward to the next erotic instalment which will be Lex's story.

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