Futures and Frosting by Tara Sivec

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

Oh my sweet lord i effen luv ms. Sivec!!!

Kelly - 5 crowns

Another piece of literary ‘hilarity’ brilliance from the wonderful writer that is, Tara Sivec. She makes me want to hug my Who-ha!

In this sequel, Carter, Claire and Gavin are living together in un-matrimonial bliss - well that is if Carter stops bloody snoring, and Gavin stops punching people in the nuts!

Liz and Jim’s wedding is approaching, and it’s all systems go. Claire cannot wait to be Maid of Honour, but with all this wedding talk, a sudden urge to throw her old cynical self out the window, and embrace the idea of marrying Carter starts to consume her thoughts, and when she catches Liz’ bouquet, she can’t seem to get the idea out of her mind. However, seeing Carter’s shocked reaction to the catch has her believe that maybe Carter doesn’t think her to be marriage material, at all.

Carter has been meaning to propose to Claire for months. With an expensive ring burning a hole in his pocket, he just needs to find the right time, but all his good intentions and efforts keep getting blindsided, much to his chagrin.

Will he? Won’t he? This is the Question…

Follow these ‘undesirables’ in their next chapter, and be prepared to laugh your arse off when their hilarious antics take a step up to epic proportions.

Tara Sivec has succeeded in writing two uproarious, sidesplitting, comical romps that that will have you laughing out loud in the most inappropriate of places. May want to stick to reading this one at home!


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