From Ashes by Molly McAdams

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

W. O. W. this book.... Wow! Ms Mcadams... You are one brilliantly evil genius! Twice I had to put this book down.... Once for the painful frustration and once because it was so beautiful and I was filled with sooo many warm fuzzies I didn't want you to torture me anymore! But I trudged on, and you tortured me, and filled me with warm fuzzies over and over again... To the point where I now know you truly enjoy the torturous part of what your writing does to us! This book is amazing! Well played!


Kelly - 4.5 crowns

Molly McAdams strikes again!
The Queen of the angst-ridden love triangle YA is back, and on top form!

I think it’s safe to say that I love Molly’s work. Those who like to delve feet first into the trials and tribulations of young love with flair for the forbidden will always be onto a winner with this woman. So, okay, love triangles are not for everybody and those of us who picked up and jumped into Taking Chances know that you are in for one hell of a rough ride – but, unlike some readers, I. Live. For. Those. Moments. And From Ashes did not disappoint.


This story follows the life of Cassidy Jameson. Having lost her beloved Father on her 6th Birthday, her Mother selfishly escaped by drowning her grief within the depths of a bottle. Marrying a fellow heavy drinker less than a year later made for one hell of a life for the young Cassidy. Subjected to the horrors of severe physical abuse from just the tender age of 7, her only refuge was in the form of her best friend, Tyler. Residing two houses down on her street, he was the only person in her world that knew of the severity of her abuse but promised to keep the secret hidden so as not to lose his friend to the Foster care system. Every night she would go to him, as he cleaned her cuts, bandaged her wounds and offered her solace in his arms, it sealed an unbreakable bond as they promised that nothing would ever come between them.

Now at 17, Tyler gets the opportunity attend school in Texas to study alongside his favourite cousin, but knows that he and Cassidy would not be able to survive apart. So he packs her bags, gives her Mother and Step-Father a piece of his mind, throws her into his SUV and heads for the Interstate.

Cassidy knows that this is the new start she needs. Although apprehensive of meeting new people, she can finally start a fresh, keeping her tormented home life secret buried, giving her release for the first time since her Father died. However, when she is introduced to Gage Carson – Ty’s cousin, she is floored by his undeniably good looks and Texan charm. So when Ty and Cassidy move in with him, the tension becomes intolerable, and it’s only a matter of time before those sparks start to fly. But… Ty isn’t happy. Cassidy is his girl and he will STOP AT NOTHING to prove that she belongs to him.

As misunderstandings erupt, fuelled by lies and deception, heartbreak and inner emotional turmoil consume Gage and Cassidy. Both believing the other does not feel the love they each feel for each-other, it looks like Ty is getting his way, until he makes the ultimate of mistakes… and everything changes.


Do not compare ‘From Ashes’ to ‘Taking Chances’, there premise is very dissimilar in many ways. Even though this is a triangle, it’s not traditional in the sense that the heroine is ‘in-love’ with two men. Where one is in love with her, she is in love with the other, and it makes for a very messy situation in completely different ways.

Cassidy is a sweet, selfless character, although at times her naivety was frustrating, and the communication problems between her, Ty and Gage catapulted any misgivings to epic proportions. Many of the difficult scenes could have been avoided, but then it wouldn’t have been an angsty read and it wouldn’t have had Molly’s stamp all over it!

GAGE CARSON!!! Can I just say, as a 30-something reader I often felt it could be sometimes difficult to relate to the ‘younger’ romantically linked characters, but I couldn’t have been more wrong with this guy. Call me a cougar if you will, but I LOVED GAGE! I fell in total book lust with this dude, and he’s hit my little black book boyfriend list. ;)

A great read. A great journey. But overall another angst-fuelled reading experience that delivered every emotion in its truest form. I experienced bouts of sadness, anger, relief and absolute joy. Molly gave it all and I ENJOYED EVERY SECOND OF IT!

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