Forgotten Promises (Promises, #2)
by Elle Brooks 



Saying “I Promise” is the easiest thing to do, its just two tiny words. No one warned me of the weight they hold, that they not only have the power to make something, to give hope, or show devotion. They can destroy everything, cause so much hurt, ruin lives.  

Every promise holds a toll, if I had known what mine would cost me, I would have walked away. Now I have to pay the price, watch the consequences of my actions unfold. Witnessing someone I love crumble after breaking my oath isn’t the hardest thing I’ve endured, it's being forgotten by the one person that I could never forget.



Kelly - 5 Crowns


If there is one debut author you need to read this year, it is Elle Brooks. Promises Hurt was a compelling and beautiful love story with a deeply profound message. It touches upon real life tragedies, heartbreak, love and forgiveness.

Forgotten Promises continues pretty much where Promises Hurt left off and for those who have read it knows how that played out. I was scared to open my ARC and with good reason... that prologue has you literally breaking. I was mortified but at the same time compelled to continue because if there is one thing this author is good at, it is springing the element of surprise; she can weave a tale that leaves you breathless, awed and guessing until the very end.

Blair and Ethan are like family to me now, every obstacle they have faced, they have overcome together. And even when the mind forgets, the heart will always remember, for a love like this is unforgettable.

This series touches upon some upsetting subject matters and that epilogue had me reaching for the tissues but not necessarily in the way you might think, my goodness, it was so empowering it made my heart stutter from the sheer force of its words.

Elle Brooks is an incredible talent, and I love every word she writes. Promises Hurt and Forgotten Promises has hit my BEST READS of 2014 shelf. I implore you to read them, because they have everything. It touches upon every emotion; from happiness and passion to fear and heartache. It's poignancy is palpable; emotionally charged but sympathetic in its deliverance. The Perfect read... I promise! <3


Emma - 5 Crowns


Book 2 in the Promises series. This is a sequel to book 1 and cannot be read as a standalone.

Before I start my review I need to warn you that if you are reading this in hope of some spoilers you may want to STOP! I'm sorry I just can't give you that. I can give you no plot overview or character thoughts as this would be a disservice to both the book and this brilliant author, Elle Brooks. You need to go into this book blind as I did. I had read no teasers, no excerpts and let me tell you, it made me nervous as hell. I believe though that it enriched my experience when I eventually started reading this amazing book.

What I can tell you is that this book begins where Promises Hurt ended. Be prepared for a heart-wrenching prologue that sets the tone for the rest of the book. The book itself deals with the aftermath of the terrible crash that Ethan, Blair and Ethan's father were involved in. The cleverest thing is the full circle that Elle takes you in. This book finishes where it starts and it is a heart-thumping and angst ridden journey.

This series is called Promises and once again promises are made in this book. It really reached out to me and made me think of 2 little words that we say so often without thought of our actions and the consequences that they can cause. I promise/Promise me - How often have you used those words? I use them frequently, whether it's to the kids, my husband, family or indeed friends. I have never much thought about them until reading these two books. It is a word I now intend to use sparingly. I will take a few seconds before I do say it, because actually can we ever make promises when promises are only made to eventually be broken; or to cover lies whether they are white lies or of a more serious nature. They can often lead to hurt feelings no matter how seriously we take them. It is a profound word and Elle Brooks has made me realise that it is one that deserves respect.

Once again I applaud you Elle on the book that you have written. It is well planned, fast paced, packed to the rafters with emotions and is full of the passion that you write with. I am amazed that this is only your second book; you have so much talent and we are so lucky that you were brave enough to sit down and write about the serious issues you tackle in the book and share them with us in such a beautiful and imaginative way. The world you have created it breathtaking and man, that epilogue, I have never read something so inspirational in a work of fiction. Big up the Brits, because this one tells a bloody good story!

Elle Brooks is one of my MUST READ début authors of 2014 - if you want a breathtaking, memorable read that will have your heart all of a flutter, you need to read this series.








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