Family Love (Love Brothers, #4)

by Liz Crowe


Book 4 in the Love Brothers series. This series covers the trials and tribulations of the Love Family. This book in particular can be read as a standalone and may wet your pallet enough to go back and find out more about the 4 deliciously southern Love brothers wrote about in the previous 3.5 books. I however, believe that this book is better read in the order in which the author wrote them.

Anthony, Kieran, Dominic and Aidan. If you like me have avidly followed this series then you will know the journeys these men have taken. But every family needs it Matriarch, and we all know that the backbone in this loving but at times dysfunctional family is Lindsay Halloran Love. Told in 2 parts, this story takes us back to the beginning. How a young and rebellious Lindsay met and married the dashing Italian stable hand Anton Love. Their story is one that I found fascinating and complex. It made me rethink my ideas on the origins of the obvious love and loyalty they have for each other all these years later, but it also threw up questions, secrets and lies. Part 2 then follows Angelique, the much wanted and only daughter, and how the volatile relationship she has with her mother effects the choices and pathways she takes in life.

I suppose my biggest question going into this book was how Ms Crowe was going to encapsulate the stories we have already read about in Angelique's story without rehashing old ground. I was happy to realise quite quickly that she did this very easily. Unlike the other books, Angel's story is told in first person. This isn't the norm for Liz, but wow it seriously works, adding a more personal twist to the story arc throughout the series as a whole. Of course situations are covered but whilst mentioning them, they are very much Angel's experience and thoughts on them - If anything this makes you look at them differently to a degree. 

With respect to Lindsay's story - Would it be relevant or even necessary to the series? Well that is a big, fat YES!! The way you bring up children, teach them to love, respect and indeed the relationship you have with them are always a reflection on us as parents. They are the product of our own experiences, of our own childhoods and how they view the love we have for them and our partner/husband. The story is relevant because Lindsay and Anton's lives and the relationship they have with each other is reflected in each of their children; none more so than Angelique.

This book really does take you on an emotional journey. It is full of the ups, downs, twists and turns that we have come to expect from this very talented and unique storyteller. The final few chapters in this book have you unsure as to where it will end. As with all of Ms Crowe's book, a formulaic ending isn't a given. What you will get though is a real snapshot of true family life... warts and all. 

A amazing conclusion to a superb series, and one that I have really enjoyed. Is it the end, well that is a question that only the author can answer. I for one hope we get a little Love update in the future.

Emma - 5 Crowns

A wealthy horse farmer’s rebellious daughter meets a sultry stable hand—but the result is far from the average tale of forbidden romance. When novelist Aiden Love publishes his parents’ story he has no idea the trauma it will cause. 

The epic saga of one family’s turbulent beginning is entwined with the challenge of a mother’s relationship with her youngest child—the longed for only daughter, Angelique. But a secret Lindsay Halloran Love has kept for years could rip the tight-knit clan apart for good. 

Resilient bonds of loyalty and blood are stretched to the breaking point, until tragedy strikes at the very heart and soul of the Love family, forcing everyone to take stock of what really matters. 

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