FaCade(Deception, #1)
by D.H Sidebottom and Ker Dukey



You meet someone. You date. You fall in love. You marry. 
The four simple rules of love…. 
Wrong! I’m getting married but I’d never met him before now, never dated him, never fell in love. I have no access to the memories of the most magical time of anyone’s life. 
My mind won’t allow me to evoke the past, I can’t remember those simple stages to lead me to the fourth . 

I can’t comprehend why I would have ever wanted to marry someone like Dante. I should never have passed the first stage, although, I may have seen him through the eyes of the woman I once was, this me that lives, breathes here now, can’t understand how we made it to the next stage. 
I’m not sure, without memories, how I know that this voice inside me, telling me I would never have chosen him, speaks some truth, I just know. He’s controlling, arrogant, callous and violent, and utterly hell bent on humiliating and degrading me – Like watching me falter, watching me struggle to comply and be the woman he asked to marry, powers him- as though he wants to break me piece by piece. Fiber by fiber. Until all that’s here is the shell he created from a soul that I once owned. 

Now my memories are slowly returning. And they show me a completely different side to meeting him. Our dates, falling in love. The Dante haunting me in the shadows of my mind is loving, gentle and utterly enamored with me, nothing like the man with me now. 
And this is what taunts me. My tender lover turned into a debauched, cruel sadist who is determined to consume my life, destroy my mind and murder my spirit. 

I am, Star, and just like with some stars in the sky, the light you see is an echo, a façade, I am already gone 
I am a no one. 
Especially to him. To him I am the dark in his desires, the corrupt in his depravity. 
The sin in his immorality

Kelly - 4.5 Crowns


Now that is what you call a dark, twisted, roller-coaster ride of complete mindfuckery, and bloody hell, was it good!!!

To say this is an unconventional love story would be an understatement; in-fact, what I loved about this book was the mystery; I wasn’t sure if it was a love story at all! I have read many dark erotica books, but nothing has ever thrown me for a loop like this one! 

Facade is incredibly clever, refreshingly unique and a real mind twister. As you read, your mind continually conjures up so many different scenarios as to who Star and Dante really are. On one hand it is a disturbing captive story, and in the next it flips into something else, and all the while you question motives, as Star desperately tries to remember the woman she once was.

Dante Troy is an enigma. He is terribly mean but with a dark air of mystery that keeps him interesting, but I didn’t get that sense of attraction to him, he always felt like the enemy and that is what gave this story its darker edge because I just didn’t know which way this story was going to go. The perfect erotic thriller!

Star is a nobody, her memory completely wiped by a drug administered by the man who promised her the world, the only question is why? Apparently it was a request of her own doing, but as the puzzle pieces start to fall into place we learn that not everything is as it seems. It isn’t until you get to that epilogue that things really fall into place, in-fact the penny didn’t drop for me until that moment and that is not often the case with me. I can pick up a book and tend to guess where it will eventually go, or get an inkling, but Facade did what it was intended to do and that was completely throw me off guard until the end. And going by that ending, I cannot WAIT to read the sequel… OMG!!!! Are we in for some interesting revelations.

This is a dark erotica story and it is incredibly graphic, but if you can handle that, then add this to your TBR, it may just surprise you.

D.H Sidebottom and Ker Dukey have a big fan in me!





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