Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Ethan.... oh Ethan... and sweet sweet Brynne....  wow!

I really really liked getting to see both of their points of views.. and Brynne.. baby.. you break my heart...  but omg... Ethan.. you can own my heart... its yours!

I really luved how the went from one crisis to another but their love truly grounded them... i can not wait for book 4!!!

Kelly - 4 crowns

Loved the double POV in this 3rd instalment of the Blackstone series. A longer and more consistent read with some heartwarming and seat gripping moments.

BOOK REVIEW: Eyes Wide Open (Blackstone Affair #3) – Raine Miller

She closed her eyes and put her palm on my chest. Right over my heart. It always amazed me at how easy it was to carry her. I knew why. It was because she carried my heart with her wherever she went. My heart was in her hands, and carrying her was some form of self-preservation, maybe. Holding her, holding me up. I couldn’t explain it, but I understood it. Made perfect sense to me. - Ethan

“You gave me everything. You made me really want to see what was around me, for the first time in my adult life. You made me want you. You made me want…a life. You were my greatest gift of all, Ethan James Blackstone.” - Brynne

Raine Miller has excelled herself with this 3rd instalment of the Blackstone affair. This longer length novel is executed with a higher level of maturity, creating a more consistent flow than the first two. The characters really come to life in this book, rewarding me with a level of closeness that I didn’t quite get before.

Ethan Blackstone, although an alpha character, excels at emotional attachment. This guy had me seriously swooning because I just love the way he loves Brynne. It’s admirable and truly heart-warming as he continues to play the doting boyfriend, who will stop at nothing to protect the woman he so desperately loves.

Brynne still struggles daily with the past. As much as she loves Ethan, she can’t seem to break down her protective walls of self-preservation and let him in completely. The idea of moving forward in a committed relationship scares the hell out of her. Especially when she knows Ethan is still hiding past demons of his own.

A long weekend break at Hannah’s family home (Ethan’s sister) in the beautiful county of Somerset starts as the ultimate of fairytales, but turns into a nightmare when reality bites and Brynne and Ethan are left in a state of shock as life throws them yet another curveball.

Security is tight with the upcoming London Olympic Games, but with the threat also at large on Ivan and now, Brynne, Ethan finds himself spread a little thin, as he and Neil strive to protect while consistently working with their VIP clientele.

The inane questions people ask during conversations are so ridiculous at times I wonder how I manage not to leap on the table and shout, “How can you be so fucking stupid and manage to still be breathing?” Alas… I’ve learned to keep my flap shut even when it has pained me greatly to do so.

With the added pressure come the nightmares, as Ethan’s demons take centre stage in this novel; turning the tables, as Brynne starts to embrace the life they could have together as her walls slowly start to come tumbling down as she seeks at finding acceptance and closure. Whereas Ethan starts to pull back, closing himself off from the horror that feeds his insecurities. He needs help, and Brynne is the only one who can save him…


It was so hard not planting spoilers in this review, because even though this book could have been shorter, it paints a clearer overall picture of the obstacles Ethan and Brynne still have yet to overcome.

The bedroom scenes are hot. I mean…sizzling hot! Ethan, although the perfect English Gentleman, knows how to use that mouth in more ways than one! Wow. He could easily talk me into an orgasm.

Raine Miller did a great job in exploring the double POV, hitting Ethan’s on the head. It’s not easy jumping into male ‘alpha’ boots, but she absolutely nailed it!

So, why not a 5…?

Well, I felt this book dragged a little, dulling in the belly somewhat for my liking, but regardless, it’s a well constructed story that had me turning those pages late into the night.

The ending gave not only a sense of closure, but opened a doorway for ‘new beginnings', therefore this story ultimately concludes on a high note.

Looking forward to book four!

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