Extinguish by J.M. Darhower


Kelly - 3.5 crowns


BOOK REVIEW: Extinguish – J.M. Darhower

I love Angels.
I love paranormal romance.
I love that euphoric feeling I get when that long awaited pivotal moment finally arrives; that first bite of forbidden fruit tastes soooo good!
…and when it comes to good vs evil and evil prevails, if only for a little while, it knocks your socks off!

Yes, I admit it, strike me with lightning if you will...
I fell for the devil!

Luce is everything I look for in a male protagonist, whether he comes with a set of corrupted wings or not. He is the devil and yet his archangel beginnings resonate strongly making the reader fall into his dangerous trap - just like our heroine, Serah. He pulls you in with his devilish wit and cunning charm. We all love an alpha and a broken one at that and Luce does not disappoint!


Serah is a sweet, selfless power Angel and the lover of Archangel Michael. Sent by a higher power to stand upon the threshold - the gates of hell, in order to liase with the devil himself, hoping to form a reconciliation and put an end to the war.

Lucifer, or Satan... is the king of the underworld. Trapped inside his demonic realm, banished by his Brother and sent into the fiery depths over six thousand years ago, he has never communicated with another Angel at his helm. Serah is a breath of fresh air, pure ethereal beauty in its truest form and dare he admit it, a welcome distraction.

Serah needs answers and the only way she is going to get them is to succumb to his game of war, in the form of cards!

As days turn to weeks, Serah is surprised to find that there is more to Luce than just ‘Black and White’, and yet nothing is ever simple.

Luce on the other hand knows that she is the key to set him free, and it's only a matter of time before he plays his winning hand!


I really enjoyed the second half of this story but felt myself drifting slightly within the first 40%. I couldn’t seem to connect to Archangel Michael's character at all. I just found him lacking and a little ‘one’ dimensional…

It also flitted between past and present scenes without indication and it could be a little confusing at times.

Nevertheless, the interaction between Serah and Luce is absolute magic, with some impeccably written dialogue. And, when Luce gets his badass on, my goodness is it good. I almost peed my pants at this part:

“You took it all from me,” Luce seethed.
“So now, I take it all from you. Your land, your sea, your humans…your lover.”
For the first time in his existence, Michael’s eyes clouded with rage, darkening like dripping ink. Luce stood tall, raising his eyebrows in challenge as he smirked tauntingly.
Game on, motherfucker.

Regardless of my few reservations, I did enjoy this story and recommend it to all paranormal ‘forbidden romance’ fans.


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