Eversea (Eversea, #1) - Natasha Boyd
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Book Review: Eversea (Eversea, #1) – Natasha Boyd

Eversea is the start of a compelling and heart-warming journey of how a Lowcountry girl from South Carolina, captures the heart of an A-List Hollywood superstar, when he takes a three week hiatus away from the glitz and ‘fake’ glamour of LA. It’s a story of self-discovery, of taking a step back and remembering the things that truly matter.

I take my literary proverbial hat off to Natasha Boyd; she has delivered one hell of a page-turner! Written in first person with Keri Ann providing the voice, she has taken a far-fetched idea, the fantasy, and gave it plausibility. It felt authentic as I felt myself connecting with both, Jack and Keri Ann almost immediately.


Keri Ann Butler is an orphan. Her parents tragically killed in a road accident, all that remained was her Nana and her Brother Joey, as they spend the rest of their young lives growing up in their large family manor home in the small town of Butler Cove.

Now, with their Nana gone and Joey at med school, Keri Ann is left alone to renovate the house while working as a waitress. With a handful of Butler Cove friends, including one best friend, Jazz, Keri Ann’s life seems to have come to a monotonous standstill.

Jack Eversea is a Hollywood Superstar, but when the tabloids and gossip magazines catch wind of his Girlfriend’s indiscretions, his only refuge and means of escape is to a beach house in the sleepy town of Butler Cove.

Late one night he wonders into the local restaurant and orders a burger, but when he hears two girls gossiping about the ‘latest’ Hollywood news, he turns to leave. There is only one problem, he’s hungry and he can’t exactly wonder into the local supermarket without getting mobbed. He is totally out of his comfort zone, with no friends, no protection, with no-one knowing of his true whereabouts, he wants to remain anonymous for as long as possible, but in order to do so, he needs help!

Keri Ann offers him the Burger that he paid for when she spots him outside, but almost faints when she realises it’s no other than Jack Eversea himself!

“I certainly didn’t need to check the tabloid magazine Jazz had been reading, which definitely did not do him justice, to know that standing in front of me, Keri Ann Butler, outside the Snapper Grill in Butler Cover, population nine thousand, and hundreds of miles away from his expected location in Hollywood, was none other than Jack Eversea.”

Taking it upon herself to help him, they fast become friends when Jack offers to help her renovate the family home, if she promises to deliver all the bare essentials.

Keri Ann is young, an innocent, but not naïve enough to know that being in close proximity to this God-like creature was going to have a profound affect on her heart. He is only staying for three weeks, so with this realisation, Keri Ann decides to keep a distance, even though the pull they both feel towards each other goes against her decision at every turn.

Eventually it gets too much, and when Jack starts showing an interest beyond the trade-for-services friendship they have going on, Keri Ann feels herself being consumed by Jack the man, and not the actor as she finally starts to disconnect the two.

“You don’t see me as a famous person, but just as a person.”
Surprised, I said quietly, “You are just a person.”

Just as Jack and Keri Ann resume a passionate, yet stunningly beautiful love affair, things are brewing back in LA. With Jack’s disappearance, Audrey Lane - Jack’s girlfriend, wants him back and will go at any length to make her dream a reality….


When I say that parts of this book are stunningly beautiful, I MEAN IT! It’s been a while since a book has really captivated me when it comes to ‘first’ love scenes. I can truly reel off about 4, possibly 5 books that rendered me into a puddle, and Eversea is one of them! My Tummy Flutter richter-scale went OFF THE CHART!

This book, although starts off strong, does steer off a little around 20% for it then to pick up around the 50% mark. It became a slow build with sexual tension that could choke a horse, but by 75% you are swooning and sighing and grinning like a total idiot.

But of course, things have to change as both worlds collide. Enter the ex as she storms up trouble, or rather - drop a bombshell of epic proportions, and the whole vibe of this story completely changes.

The ending has a little cliffhanger, but it’s not overly frustrating because you know its going to be continued in book two, and I get the impression it will start off where it left off… well, lets hope so!

I need more Jack and Keri Ann and I can’t wait for the sequel because I will definitely be continuing with this series.

I recommend this to fans of Love Unscripted by Tina Reber.



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