Escape From Paradise by Gwendolyn Field

Elizabet- 4  Handcuffs


ok... i have digested Escape from Paradise for a couple of days... 

I really liked it!  it's a good read and a really original and real feeling story...

that said... i have to admit, i was waiting for that shock factor, for that OMG are you effen kidding me moment... or the ugly shivers...  nope..  i mean the story is tragic, and is way out of the comfort zone for many reasons.  Gwendolyn Field is not at fault.. she wrote a great story.

let me place blame where it directly belongs... for me personally... I lay all blame on Caleb and Tony Rawlings.  they completely screwed with my shock factor... seriously... after freaking over Caleb and Livvie, and hating then luving Tony... nothing much shocks me

so back to Angela "Angel" and Collin... Angela lies to her parents and takes a little spring break trip to Cancun Mexico.. like a bunch of college blondes won't attract the wrong attention with some sinister people, right?  sha la la sha la la... Angel is taken and trained as a sex slave.

enter Collin... billionaire heir, who had his life altered when his parents were brutally murdered and his 10 yr old brother kidnapped and made into, yes, you guessed it.. a sex slave.  Collin who was already a bad boy, went deeper into the criminal world for many years gaining power and knowledge while he finally found and saved his brother...

Brings us back to Angela... who is being held prisoner in a paradise location, and Collin is hired to find and rescue her...

won't add any spoilers... you just have to read how this tragic story turns out... is there an HEA?? does it end horribly??

just know that i luved it!

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