Epilogue (Dark Duet, #3) - C.J Roberts
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BOOK REVIEW: Epilogue by C.J Roberts


Words are failing me right now. I am in 'the zone. You know the one...

'Total book elation.'


I need to regroup and process my thoughts, my feelings and strive to articulate a sentence that makes sense and projects how this book just leaped into my top ten favourites of 2013. Well...this series is in my top ten, there is no denying it and yet I question myself with that revelation because let's be honest, this trilogy is not even hitting the shaded grey area, this is way off the colour chart! It's dark and deep and terrifying and yet somehow, somewhere, I found glimpses of beauty within that.


Livvie may have been his Captive, but Caleb also captivated me in ways I cannot possibly comprehend....


Oh Caleb, your words, your articulation, your naivety of the real outside world gave me chills. I immediately felt the need to nurture and protect, guide him with a loving hand.


This man is redemption personified. He is a monster, but more importantly he is also a victim and that message rings loud and audibly clear in this epilogue as he tries his hand at finding the man that has been held captive inside the monster as he learns the truth...as he struggles to leave 'Caleb' behind and embrace this new 'free' existence as James Cole.


This story didn't feel like a curtain call. A finality. It felt like the beginning...

A new beginning for two souls who connected in the most abhorrent of circumstances and yet one that defied the normal order. Because Love knows no boundaries. This is not a romance story, this is a story about love and yet there are no happy endings for forever afters, there is only acceptance and forgiveness, and with that comes a sense of peace and belonging.


A stunning portrayal of how one man came from the darkest of shadows and walked bravely into the light, into the arms of his captive. The woman who held his heart and never looked back.


If anything it proves one thing - all it takes is the love of a good woman to fill that void and the possibilities, the hopes and dreams of a future, are endless...


Okay... so much for being speechless...This has pretty much turned into a review in itself, even though it's not perfect, I guess that's kind of my point. This protagonist in all his forms is nowhere near perfect but that's what I love about him. He is so broken it’s almost impossible not to like him, and yet in this epilogue you fall completely in love with him as you experience Caleb/James in a whole new light.


C.J Roberts, you have blown my mind figuratively and literally with this trilogy. Caleb and Livvie will remain two of my favourite characters of all time. Maybe Caleb is right... maybe I am a sick fuck to feel that connection to him, but I can't thank you enough for making me FEEL it. Your writing holds no prisoners and yet it's execution is totally flawless. I am awed by it. So thank you for taking the plunge into these dark infested waters and giving us a story that we will never forget.


Absolutely Amazing!



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