Effortless by S. C. Stephens


Kelly - 5 crowns

Diamond Jubilee long weekend.... What Diamond jubilee? I missed the whole damn thing! I blame S.C. Stephens and her wonderful books that are Thoughtless and Effortless.

I read them back to back over the 4 day break and I can honestly say I now feel lost without them.

This was an easier read than the first, but it still had it's moments where I wanted to yell at Kiera to just 'spit it out, woman'. Even though her level of maturity does step up a notch in this book. We see her and Kellan bloom and start to embrace their love, until an opportunity arises for the band and everything starts to change.

Considering the start of Kiera and Kellan's relationship was based on betrayal, we see Effortless highlighting on those insecurities. There is no doubt that these kids love each-other, but learning to Trust however, is a completely different ball-game.

Again, I love Griffin, and we see a little change in him at the end. I always knew it was there... ;)

I can't recommend these books highly enough. They are so engrossing and really push those emotional limits! Give them a try.

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