Dusty Delinquents (Dusty, #2)

by Mary Elizabeth & Sarah Elizabeth



The innocent girl with a delinquent heart has to live with her bad choices. Secret hope and hurt feel like falling while she learns how to breathe again, but there's still freedom in trouble. 

The runaway with blacked-out eyes is losing his grip. Crushing two hearts in one fist, his addiction bends rules and breaks deals, but the boy born for bliss isn't going anywhere without a fight. 

Love is knowing they should stay away, but love is illogical at best. 

She's afraid to let go. 

He won't let her. 

This is how silliness and foolishness grow up. 

Here, forever is a lie.



Kelly - 4 Crowns


Turbulent. Hurtful. Beautiful. Upsetting. Sexy. Heartfelt, and hard hitting. Dusty Delinquents is a broken love story cloaked in a very heavy subject matter. From banana popsicles to cocaine addiction; love in golden sands and broken whispers in the night, Dusty and Bliss are the epitome of two wrongs trying to make a right in a world that spins in totally different directions.

Their love is undeniable, their connection unbreakable, and yet lies and bad choices lead to devastation and heartbreak impossible to fix.

Dusty Innocents and Dusty Delinquents is a very poignant first romance with a dramatic edge. This may be a story of love and friendship with parts holding a fair weight in beauty and excitement, but overall it is an excruciating life lesson that is fought with desperation leading to mistakes and devastation. Oh, this book breaks all the rules that's for sure, and even though I loved part one, part two took its toll on me.

I do love my angst, but Bliss and Dusty were a whirlwind, a force to be reckoned with and I found parts confusing and a little off-kilter. The writing style changes dramatically in some scenes that I felt it was trying to be too clever, and even though I can appreciate the poetic prose, it interfered with my reading Zen and I lost my flow on a few occasions.

That's my only small gripe though and that is purely down to personal preference because overall this is one hell of a story with a profound message and a compelling intricacy that makes this almost impossible to put down. If I was to compare it to anything it's like watching a car crash about to happen, you feel that impending doom, helpless to do anything but stand back and watch it all unfold, in the hope that everyone will walk away unscathed. Real heart in your mouth moments that give Dusty its edge, allowing it to shine.

I loved the ending, it was left a little open so if the authors wanted to revisit Dusty and Bliss again, they could but I like the idea that just maybe things could be different... someday.

A long and substantial story that touches on very real subject matters and deep emotions, making this one incredible book journey, and a must read for 2014!


Perusing Princesses
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