Dragon's Lair (Wind Dragons MC, #1) by

Chantal Fernando




When I found my boyfriend cheating on me, I did something stupid.

Or should I say, someone?

Because of that mistake, I’m now stuck in a world I don’t belong in.

I’m a law student. They’re criminals.
He’s the Vice President of a MC. I’m a good girl with a strict upbringing.

He’s my ex-boyfriend’s brother.
And I’m screwed.

Kelly- 3.5 Crowns


Oh I really enjoyed this story, the characters were likeable and our heroine, Faye, was sassy and I loved her spark. This book had humour, steam and typical MC drama of the good kind, but that's just it, it was good...not great! Albeit, still the kind that has you flipping the pages with relish because you cannot wait to see what happens next and Chantal Fernando gives us that, she hooked me in and I cannot commend her highly enough because Faye and Dex's journey made for one hell of a ride.

I liked the notion of a childhood connection which later helped to form an unbreakable bond and a love so natural and believable that it was impossible not to care for them. Dex is that bad-ass VP who lives for the club and doesn't shy away from 'club business.' A dangerous man who hides behind a good heart, a wicked smile and a sinfully sexy nature that just gets your heart beating staccato, providing this story with all the right elements that an MC book needs to thrive.

But, and it kills me to say this... the pace was just off the wall crazy. It was so erratic at times that certain scenes lost structure, the dialogue was cut short making conversations between the characters feel incomplete and forced. I wanted more character depth, longer elaborated scenes and, well...just a bit more grit. This story had it all there, it just needed to become more established, its solid foundations built upon and nurtured to create a more substantial plotline.

Don't get me wrong, Dragon's Lair is not all doom and gloom because it really did capture my heart, so much so that I read this book in one sitting. Dex and Faye have a great vibe, they give off a deep sexual energy and I breathed it in like a woman starved of oxygen, but I just would have liked to have breathed it in for a little bit longer...

If you want a quick MC read with some good humour and a few 'bumps' along the way then give this one a go as it can be read quite happily in a few hours. 



Emma - 3.5 Crowns


Book 1 in the Wind Dragons MC series.


Faye has been with Eric since ninth grade; they are both Law students and have big plans for their future together. Those plans are soon destroyed when she walks him on him in bed with her friend, Trisha. Upset and humiliated she decides it's high time to start having fun.


When leaving a bar a few nights later she bumps into Dex; Eric's older brother and VP of the local MC club, The Wind Dragon's. One thing leads to another and they soon find themselves checking into a hotel and spending one wild night together.


5 weeks later.....


Finding herself pregnant and homeless when her parents show her the door, Faye decides to leave town. After telling Eric she's pregnant and that the baby isn't his, she leaves to build a life for herself and her baby.


What happens when Dex finds out she pregnant? Can she live her life amongst a group of outlaw bikers? And what is keeping Dex from pursuing a relationship with the mother of his unborn child?


I really enjoyed this book. It falls into my favourite genre and it certainly holds its own.


Faye is a cool character. Completely out of her depth in her new environment, it is fun watching faye learn the required etiquette around a bunch of Alpha bikers. She is witty and soon finds herself excepted into the fold. She has always had a crush on Dex and watching the relationship form from her point of view was cool.


Dex/Sin is a typical hardcore biker, but when it comes to Faye he has a real soft side. Protective and possessive, he is determined to do the right thing by Faye and his child. You soon find out his feelings for Faye are genuine and I loved watching him battle to do the right things at the right time; he is so very respectful of her.


I do have to be honest at this point though. The book fell short in several places for me and it has taken me a few days to put my finger on what exactly they were as I did really enjoy the overall storyline.


Everything is very quick in this book... it is fast paced (not a bad thing) and just has too much action packed into it. I just feel that situations and events were never truly developed and were somewhat glossed over before it was onto the next.


I am all for action and grit in a MC book, it is necessary; BUT... If the author had developed one or two situations more and ditched the others it would have added a lot more depth and thus more grit without effecting the overall story arc.


Having said all of that, I truly did enjoy it. The characters from the club were all showcased well and I look forward to reading more about each of them. I particularly liked the epilogue and hope that Arrow's book is next.


An enjoyable MC read :)

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