Elizabeth - 5 handcuffs


Ohhhhh Ms. Cunning.... Your name says it all! This was a fantastically hot read! I have never read M/M romance... M/F/M romance yes, but where they both wanted the girl, never where they all wanted each other. This was very eye opening and I luved the vulnerability of the characters forging ahead into un-chartered waters... That was refreshing. The nervousness, the unsureness of what steps to take or not take... The first experiences... WOW WOW WOW WOW! Fantastic! 

Truly can't wait for the rest of these books! Plzzzz put us out of our misery soon!


Joanne - 5 handcuffs


This book was hot, hot, hot!!!. Book was released out of sync it was #5, the last in the series.....as we still have two more tales of our favorite sinners coming soon. This book ring released like this didn't deter from the story, but it confused me a few times and it's weird to know how it all end....knowing we still have two more rounds with the band,
I still loved it, and recommend you stock up on batteries and get used to cold showers


Kelly - 4 handcuffs


No need for a cold shower, it just won’t cut it anymore. Just throw me off the bloody pier and plunge me within the depths of the tremulous cold waves of the Atlantic sea, because Olivia has pushed herself into new unchartered territory and its thrown me, captivated me, and catapulted me into carnal depths I never even knew existed. 

Well…okay, scrap that. I do know they exist but I have well and truly had my eyes opened to the true meaning of a threesome 'Love' Triangle. Having read many books, this is the first I have encountered where the 2 male counterparts love each other, as well as the woman who has captured both hearts and permanently planted herself in the middle. Yes... this isn't a love triangle in the normal sense of the word, it’s a Hot, Steamy Love Sandwich and I feel privileged to have taken a huge bite.

This book will push that comfort zone, and I appreciate that it might not be for everybody, but Trey has and will remain my favourite Sinner of all time. What I love about him most is his unwavering honesty. He never apologises for it because he doesn't have to. You know where you stand with him. Having had many male and female sexual partners, he is well aware of his reputation and never once felt the need to hide who he is. But he IS hiding something, and only one person truly knows what it is. Dare, Trey's older Brother knows the flame still burns bright for his fellow Guitarist, Brian. But with Brian now married and settled down, he knows that Trey will forever be cursed, until the day he learns to let go.

Exodus End; Dare's band have had to deal with Max suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and his love of rhythm guitar is on the brink as he makes the difficult decision to become a full time singer and hang up the strap.

When their manager decides the best way forward is to set up a competition to find the new Exodus End guitarist, it was welcomed with anger and trepidation, but the band wasn't fully prepared for the sound that penetrated their studio that day. Hidden behind a screen, Reagan Elliot played her heart out, and captivated not only the band members themselves but Trey Mills, as he was optioned to help with judging the participants.

Trey couldn't believe that this woman could play as close and almost as well as Brian 'Master' Sinclair himself, and his decision was made. With Exodus End in full agreement, it was decided that Reagan (being a nobody), would soon have to rise to the challenge of becoming a Rock Star.

As Trey and Reagan become acquainted with each-other, a mutual attraction becomes obvious, and with only two weeks until the tour starts, Trey takes it upon himself to show her the ways of being a true rock star, by taking her on the last remnants of the Sinners Tour. For two weeks, she is his...

As a passionate love affair consumes them both, Trey believes he has finally met his match in the strong, sassy and highly sexual Reagan - that is until he meets her roommate, and his world is thrown another curveball, when Ethan Connor starts invading his thoughts.

Reagan is devastated to learn of Trey's hidden desires for Ethan, but cannot deny that her old flame still holds a special place in her heart. She's not prepared to lose either of them, so she makes them an offer, one that neither of them can refuse...


This book had everything, it was hot, it was honest and it tugged at those heartstrings. As a character, Trey has that pull, and you can't help but fall in love with him. 

Reagan was a fantastic Heroine, my favourite of the Sinners' so far. I adored her bravery, she was sassy and some of her actions made me laugh out loud. Trey definitely met his match in her and it was beautiful to see.

There is full on M/F M/M M/F/M action in this book. Faint-hearted prudes need not apply!

But I loved it, and even though the book release is out of sync, with this technically being book 5 in the series, it didn't take anything away from the story. It's a little strange knowing the outcome of the series, but at the same time I'm still excited to read Jace and Eric's stories. They will be welcomed, if for anything, to fill in those missing gaps.

Well done Olivia

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