Don't Forget to Remember Me (The Remembrance Trilogy #2)
by Kahlen Aymes

Elizabeth - 5 crowns
Kelly - 5 crowns

"God, you're beautiful." The words tore from his throat in a low growl. "You leave me breathless. I'm...undone, Julia. there are no words to tell you how much I've missed much I fucking love you."

To say this book left me breathless was probably an understatement, I probably should have invested in a ventilator and a blood pressure device because it shot through the roof. Not entirely due to the heartfelt and passionate love this book evokes but the heartbreak and emotional turmoil that also played a huge part in this second instalment.

For those of you who have read the first book, The Future of our Past, you will have prepared yourself for the opening of Don't Forget to Remember Me, well... If you are wise you would have. Automatically I was thrown back into that emergency room, and the urgency, terror and grief that Ryan is experiencing literally hits the reader like a train wreck. I actually forgot how incredibly talented Kahlen is as a writer, she has the ability to write emotion so profound that it will leave you gasping. Whether it is a beautifully written love scene, or one of absolute emotional turmoil, the words flow so effortlessly you can't help but get sucked in to all the drama that unfolds in this book.

Without trying to give away too much, this story again revolves around the two main characters, Julia and Ryan. After a devastating accident, Julia has to learn to find herself again, and Ryan is the key to her rehabilitation. However, this 'mad mad love' has a way of turning a sour situation into one that will one day again make sense.

Follow Ryan and Julia in their next chapter, and discover how two destined soul-mates always seem to find their way home.

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