Dirty Ties
by Pam Godwin



I race to finance it. 
I evade to protect it. 
I kill to attain it. 
I planned everything. 

Except her. 
The alluring, curvaceous blonde at the finish line. 
With sapphire eyes that cheat and lie. 
Whose powerful family murdered mine. 

I hate her. 
I want her. 

I know she’s hiding something. 
But so am I.

Kelly - 5 Crowns


Hard-Hitting, unstoppable, mysterious and sexy as hell! A full-throttle thrill ride you do not want to miss! Kelly, Perusing Princesses.

My goodness, Pam Godwin has taken a little diversion from her recent work and given us a unique, compelling and sexy love story shrouded in mystery, deceit, murder and lies. Dirty Ties has everything I long for in a story. It's clever, witty, intricate, sexy and unputdownable. I lived and breathed this book. I couldn't switch off and just had to devour it in a day.

A need for revenge is what drives him. For ten years he has painstakingly plotted the destruction of the CEO and the partners of the company that murdered his Mother, making him an orphan at 13.

The need to put an end to her family's conglomerate reign of tyranny is her life mission, but her path is about to cross with the one they call, Evader. 

Kaci's plans, her dreams of a better future are put to the test when this masked underworld racing criminal plants himself firmly into her life...in more ways than one!

A new game is in play, but the question is, who will reach the finish line first?

And OMG! I cannot emphasise enough how bloody great this book is. I am a huge Pam Godwin fan, this woman cannot do a thing wrong in my eyes, I love everything she's written but for me personally, I think this is her best work yet!

The writing is flawless, the plot full of unforseen twists that kept me glued to my screen. The characters are intriguing and ballsy with a mature air that left no room for unwanted or misconceived dramatics. The flow was paced perfectly; not too fast but with a high level of intrigue and mystery that gave Dirty Ties its edge.

As far as leading male characters go, Logan/Evader blew my mind. If you love a dangerous, sexy alpha who can ride like the damn wind, then prepare to be knocked off your feet! 

The term, 'keep your enemies close,' is the game plan but it changes when the one you should hate becomes an obsession you cannot live without.

Hold on tight ladies, and prepare to embark on one incredible journey with Dirty Ties. It will leave you breathless and begging for more.

What a way to start my 2015 book journey. Absolutely Brilliant!!!



Elizabeth - 5 Crowns


Bloody hell!! Pam delivers a fast paced riveting story that not only has twists and turns at breakneck speed, a but with the mysterious storyline as well. A tangled web is weaved of greed, and lust for power - always taking the innocents along for the ride. This time the ride is on super bikes with life or death consequences. Riveting, well-paced, and a real gem of a read!





Perusing Princesses
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