Devoured by Emily Snow

Kelly - 3.5

Sienna Jensen is a selfless, endearing, twenty-three year old wardrobe set assistant, living in California with her best friend, Tori. Past events had fuelled her relocation, as growing up with a drug-addict Mother and a Father who shirked responsibility, could at times, be a little turbulent. If it wasn’t for the nurturing love and support of their Grandmother, life could have taken a very different turn - so therefore when Si gets an urgent call from her Brother, Seth, with news of a foreclosure on the childhood house they both grew up in, Sienna drops her life back in California and uses a majority of her savings to jump on a plane to Nashville, to offer her support to their beloved Grandmother.

Attending the court hearing proceedings, Sienna is overwhelmed with disbelief and anger when she realises the buyer of her Grandmother’s property is none other than Lucas Wolfe, a successful Rock Star… and a past mistake.

Lucas is surprised to learn that Sienna is back in town – after all, how could he ever forget the ‘one who got away.’ Clocking her in the Courtroom, he takes it upon himself to follow her to a local café where he unsurprisingly receives a very frosty reception.

As past feelings start to make an appearance in the present, Lucas takes it upon himself to get close to Sienna once more, so gives her an ultimatum: spend ten days as his personal assistant, and succumb to his every whim, and he will deliver the deeds of the house back to her Grandmother, upon completion.

With the offer on the table, and a quiet friendly ear in the form of Kylie, Lucas’ Sister, Sienna accepts the deal, with an iron-clad will that nothing is going to happen between them, but as mutual attraction grows, and a friendly intimacy develops– it’s only a matter of time before the girl next door, falls in over her head with the gorgeous Rock Star and finally succumb to the one thing he wants from her…



This book is a typical Girl Next Door falls for the bad-boy, promiscuous, rich Rock Star, but with a heroine I actually liked! Sienna put everyone first, and wouldn’t say boo to a goose – until Lucas. He was the only one that could fuel the inner fire, rile her up so she could find her voice, while in another breath; stoke the flames with his intense, dominant demeanour that at times got me a little excited and hot under the collar. But that was the downfall, it was only a little and why this book is a 3.5, because it wasn’t accentuated enough. I wanted more from this book. I wanted the fireworks but instead I got scenes that were cut short and the end, although satisfying, was too abrupt.

This is however a good read, and I stayed up until gone midnight to finish it, because it kept me entertained. I just think, personally, that instead of marking this as a series it would have worked better and been a more satisfying read as one larger novel.

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