Destined To Play by Indigo Bloome
Kelly - 3 handcuffs


This book is very different to other Erotica books I have read, simply because it wasn't all about a blossoming relationship. The heroine isn't an innocent 20 year old virgin, and the guy doesn't have a tortured past. However, this book is different in the fact that the sexual explicity was more 'experimental' with regards to science. I wasn't sure how I felt about this at first, but as I continued reading, I realised he did it because he does love her. This story is about your best friend setting you free. The sex was charged and hot, almost mechanical but as the book progresses, a change in attitude prevails.The ending was great. I love a good turn of events, and it makes for a good opening for the 2nd book.If you are looking for another 'Fifty', I don't think you will find it here, but what you will find is a clever story, written incredibly well with a very brave Heroine who puts her trust in her best friend. You experience her indecisive actions and sometimes her over-thinking got a little wordy, but given the circumstances, I would have freaked out alot more then she did! lol.A worthy read, and I will definately be reading the next 2 books in this series.




Joanne I just this minute seen this book on Amazon. It looks good and is a trilogy too Jul 10, 2012 05:57am




Kelly the Kindlesessed Joanne wrote: "I just this minute seen this book on Amazon. It looks good and is a trilogy too"Hi Joanne, yes it's destined to be the next big thing after Fifty Shades. The author has just signed a 6 figure deal, so it's going global. It is available already on amazon uk but the US are having to preorder, so I got mine today but haven't had a chance to start it yet.(less) 

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