Desertion (Knights Rebels MC, #3)

by River Savage


Book 3 in the Knight's Rebel MC series. Each book tells the story of a new couple and could therefore be read as a standalone. However, you may find some of the storylines overlap and to be honest, this is such a fab series, I can only recommend that you read them in the order in which they were written.

Jesse Carter is a ladies man, complete man whore and the brother that is always good for a laugh. Jesse Carter is also a man that struggles with the demons of his past. A childhood blighted by an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother that didn't remove her boys from the threat against them. Then later a Marine with one too many tours in Afghanistan under his belt. Witness to the deaths and maiming of his best friends and a man unable to save them. In the Knight's Rebel MC he has found his safe place. A family, but also a place where he can hide his true self and block out the memories that he struggles to forget.

Bell Johnson. Nurse, 23 year old virgin and a woman that is still controlled by her over protective mother. Her life and that of her families stopped one night six years ago, when her younger sister Paige disappeared without a trace. Her life has changed because of it and not only does she miss her sister, but she mourns the life that she should be having. Having treated Jesse Carter at her hospital in the past, she suddenly decides after a chance meeting that he could be the man to help her find her sister. All she needs to do is keep him at arms length and protect her heart.

A match made in heaven? Or a match that will lead them both in to the hell of the past?. Everyone has there tipping point, that pivotal moment that changes the past, present and future. But will someone's heart be broke in the process. You will need to read it yourself and find out.

I have been really looking forward to Jesse's book. He has been the cheeky chappie in the previous books and one that certainly liked to spread the love. I was certainly aware after book 2 that he had family issues, but who knew the pain, guilt and self-loathing he lived with every day. He isn't looking for love, he doesn't feel he deserves it. Bell however, brings something out in him and he is unable to stay away. Yes, he is gruff. Yes, he is bossy. But Jesse is also protective. He pushes himself out of his comfort zone for Bell and I adored him for that.

Bell is an innocent. Jesse comes into her life like a whirlwind. She is so scared that he will rip out her heart, but she is also willing to take the chance, even though at times she doesn't know why. He offers her the independence that she desperately seeks and he also gives her the confidence to believe she is a desirable woman. She grows and matures throughout the book and she also becomes a rock for the troubled Jesse. Quiet and submissive to a degree, she is the support that Jesse needs, his voice of reason and she offers him the love that has been so elusive throughout his life.

Another brilliant addition to the series. I have loved each book, but I think this one is my favourite so far. Jesse's issues were so current and I couldn't help but feel for the many service men out there that suffer and struggle with the same demon's that he does. It is sexy, emotional and raw. Well done Ms Savage another MUST READ!!

Emma  - 4.5 Crowns


Three things Jesse Carter has lost. A former Marine, Jesse used to stand proud of his achievements and live by the code. But when circumstance made him question everything he believed in, those most basic values didn’t feel so important after all.

Knights Rebels.

Three things Jesse Carter has found. Reborn into a brotherhood not so different from the one he left behind, Jesse finds it all too easy to block out his past and claim the role as the Rebels' fun loving player.
Until he meets Bell.

Shy, awkward, and with troubles of her own, Bell Johnson's no stranger to hiding her pain. When Jesse forces himself into her life, she’s at risk of her defences crumbling.

Does Bell have the strength to survive Jesse and his demons or is she fated to become another casualty in the self-destruction of Jesse Carter?

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