Decker's Wood by Kirsty Dallas




Decker Steele had it made...Penthouse apartment, VIP parties, girls on tap. You see, Decker Steele is the Pornography Associations award winning, money making machine. But what does a self-confessed, pussy pounding warrior do when his prized package begins to fail? Freak the 'F' out, that's what!

Andi Jennings is the socially inept, geeky and awkward cousin of Decker's best friend. Only she's not so geeky and awkward anymore. Now she's a smokin' hot country bumpkin, with a smokey voice made for phone sex, and a pair of hot as hell cowboy boots. Everyone adores her, my porn star buddies, my mom and dad, my 'equipment'. 

So, the prized package isn't so failing anymore, the catch is, it will only perform for Andi...My friend WITHOUT benefits. 

What will the prince of porn do? The girl or the career?

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Meet Decker Steele, Porn star and all around celebrity of the adult entertainment industry. Decker has a little problem though; at 32 and after 12 years at the top of his game, the recipient of the Male Performer of the Year for four-years running can no longer get it up.

Yes that's right, the illustrious porn star has turned into a Viagra junkie both on and off screen and in all honesty is sick of the sight of a vagina. He hides it well and has stepped behind the camera over the last year to cover up his dysfunctional tool of the trade.

Feeling depressed and throwing his own pity party, he agrees to pick up his best friend Bradley's cousin from the airport. He hasn't seen dorky, awkward Andrea in 13 years and isn't looking forward to playing babysitter to the Texan as she arrives in New York to start a new life and set up a bookshop in SoHo. 

However when Andi (as she now likes to be called) arrives, she is no longer the girl in braces with wild red hair. This women is a knockout, but most importantly, he feels a stirring in his groin that he thought had been lost forever.

Why is a girl he has known for years suddenly got his equipment sparking again? and if he can get it up for her, surely he can get it up for work?

Andi has moved to New York to finally start living her life. Setting up a bookshop has always been a dream but one that is now becoming reality. Having always been an awkward teenager, she has turned into a confident young woman; seeing her teenage crush Decker brings back the memories of summers years ago when she dreamed that he would one day want her instead of the pretty and slutty girls that she often found him banging away at under the pier.

Andi wants him, but surely its better to remain friends without benefits? Once a womaniser, always a womaniser?

What will happen to the friendship they build once Andi finds out what Decker does for a living? well folks, you are just going to have to read it and find out!

I freaking loved this book, it came at such a good time for me. A lot of books being released or those I have recently read are either dark, gritty or full of angst. I love those books but sometimes you need something the complete opposite; Decker's Wood is that book! 

All the characters are just awesome. Told in alternating POV's you won't find any heavy shit here; just down to earth, everyday people and it was a breath of fresh air to be honest.

Decker is just fab. Completely emotionally stunted due to 12 years in the porn industry; after years of avoiding dating due to his choice of work, his man bits have finally said ENOUGH! The friendship he soon develops with Andi is all new to him and for the first time ever he actually wants to pursue something with a woman; even if it does mess with his head

Andi is a perfect Texan oozing southern charm. Fun, witty and full of charm; she is completely unaware of how attractive she is and believes it best all round if she keeps Decker securely in the friend zone. This doesn't stop her having her fantasies though. Her sense of humour rocks; often covering up her feelings for Decker.

I have to though also mention the secondary characters; in particular Casey and Lionel, Andi's neighbours. They are an absolute hoot and provide many LOL moments, especially when it comes to Vanessa the undresser.

I seriously cannot recommend this book enough. It is light, very funny and surprisingly not jammed packed with unnecessary sex scenes. Don't get me wrong the sex scenes are hot, but not over the top and actually take a back seat to the story. For me this book was all about the dialogue. It was witty and the one liners were just brilliant; the writing style is excellent and I commend Ms Dallas for it.

My only issue (and this is a personal one as you will see) is that the cover model is my younger brother's doppelganger. Eww! needless to say My Decker doesn't look like the model ;)

If you enjoyed books like Wallbanger for humour you will love this (although in my opinion this is even better) A perfect book to lie on the beach with this summer :) 





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