Death of a Rock Star (Boy in the Band, #0.5) by N.J Frost



“Troubled rock star Jamie Grimes was found dead at his London home earlier today.”


So there you have it. Jamie is dead… and it's no surprise. A victim of his addictions - his love of drugs and his love for her.


Sylvie Smith isn’t just any girl. She was my best friend’s girl. No, not just his girl, she was his downfall. She’s the last woman on earth I should want, but the instant I set eyes on her I know. She will be my downfall too…


Thrown together in the aftermath of Jamie’s death, Blake and Sylvie's worlds are set to collide. Are they a disaster waiting to happen or an epic love story about to begin?


Find out in this prequel novella to 'The Boy In The Band.'


Kelly - 5 Crowns


Now that my friend is what you call a Rock 'n' Roll prelude! If this demo is anything to go by with regards to the quality here, then yeah...This book is sound!


Take a walk on the wild side and delve into this serial introductory novella that tells of bitter loss, heartache and overwhelming grief. Ride the euphoric highs of success and crash and burn in the bitter lows. This story gives a sordid and darker insight to the price of fame and the devastation left in the wake of a love gone wrong.


Sylvie is portrayed as the villain here, a beautiful and successful woman who uses sex as a means of escape - shutting off her emotions from a shady past we are yet to discover. Jamie was a small beam of light in her darkness, her reprieve... until he did the unthinkable and fell in love. In her panic she ran into the many arms of others. Crushed, bereft, Jamie sought comfort in drugs, until it eventually killed him.


Blake was Jamie's best friend and fellow musician. His band ‘The Flood,’ are starting to make waves in the industry but right now all he can think about is his last moments with Jamie, a month before his death. All he spoke about was her, the girl unlike any other. Jamie was a mess and each day his self-destructive ways paved the path to a wooden box. Blake is angry with her, at Jamie for being weak, and at himself, because after just one look at Sylvie fucking Smith, he knows that whatever hold she had on Jamie, he was going to be her next victim.




Lyrical genius right here, people! Beautifully written if not just a little dark and profound. Death of a Rock Star is a brilliant novella depicting the highs and lows of fame. It didn’t focus on the music as such, but more what happens behind the scenes after the death of a young, successful, notorious and much loved Rock Star. This story is one we all recognise and because of that it was easy to relate to. I’ve been there, sobbing into my Kleenex as one of my rock idols is carted away on the 8 o’clock news in a black body bag. It hurts, but nowhere near as much for those who knew him, who witnessed the downward spiral into the pit of despair, knowing there was nothing they could do but wait. The grief, the anger, the frustration and the overwhelming guilt consume those left behind - believing they could have done more to prevent this devastating outcome is all portrayed in this short story.


I also liked the fact that both main protagonists were not particularly likeable – they both use and abuse others as a means of escape, so naturally, I loved them and I’m excited to get to know them better in the full-length novel (The Boy in the Band, #1), that is out this Summer.


There are no love ballads here, this is heavy and brutal, and I loved every fucking moment! Give me a front row ticket because this novella sets the scene for what is going to be one hell of a show!


Please forgive all the musical puns, couldn’t resist! \m/




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