Cutters vs. Jocks
by Elizabeth Marx


Kelly - 5 crowns

A brilliant short novella introducing the two main characters of Binding Arbitration.

What I loved about this prequel is the character development. Libby is a strong minded, bright, local college student who is making the most of what was a bad situation. Her younger years growing up were anything but conventional and her Brother makes it an ongoing occupation of bar brawling and dodging jail.

Going against the grain of her crazy genetic make-up, Libby's dream is to attend Harvard and to make something of her life.

Aidan is a jock. Talented, good looking and a ladies man, he makes it his mission to befriend the local 'cutter' girl because her no nonsense attitude and her blatant inability to fall at his feet makes for an interesting personal challenge. However, Aidan isn't all bad and makes it very clear from the out set that he desires Libby, in his bed! Well, at least he's honest.

Libby is a hard nut to crack but even she cannot deny the mutual feelings of desire that she feels with his persistant presence.

As a friendship forms over the space of a year, and acquaintances become best friends, falling in love was never supposed to be an option...

What was special about this prequel too is the flashbacks of Libby's past, it felt like a divulgence into her diary, and helped establish her foothold within the pages, making her a likeable and strong female lead. Whereas Aidan's perspective followed on in the here and now, helping the story to flow effortlessly.

Aidan is the boy you can't say no too, no matter how strong of will you are, and how much you try, he has the ability to break those unbreakable bonds and jump in head first, no matter what the consequences, and boy... Are there consequences!

Now I am eager to read the full length novel that follows both Libby and Aidan's story, six years into the future - let the rollercoaster ride begin...

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