Crow's Row (Crow's Row, #1) by Julie Hockley

Kelly 3.5 - 4

I was on the fence with this book. I still read it until 2am so it definitely had me turning the pages, but it did start a little slow. Also, as an Adult reader (in my 30's), I found it to be rather adolescent. Well.. I thought that, until the last 20% of the story when everything got turned on its head.

I don't think this story needed to be quite as long as it was with regards to the amount of time the characters spent in one location, however as it's written in first person from the Heroines viewpoint (Emily), there was a lot of background happenings that you didn't hear about because she was left in the dark. But when it did pick up - oh boy did it!

Regardless of my earlier reservations, the end was captivating, albeit a little upsetting, which was the turning point for me, hence the 4 crowns.

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