Our Rating Scale

Here we go... An explanation on how we Crown our books...
We are Princesses with 3 very unique Princess opinions.

1 Crown

​This was just an "Ugly Duckling" for us.  Not that it could not be the beautiful swan for someone else though. We just could not finish it, but did just because we have serious issues with not finishing a book.  This type of book normally just did not cause any emotion and we could not identify with it at all!

2 Crowns

This was like Cinderella's step sisters for us.  you may not love them but they are family.  It was ok, but we were impatient to finish it and get on to the next read.  we didn't hate it, but definitely had issues with it.  Or it could just have not been our type of book, or necessarily our taste.  it was an easy read, no complications, and might be a good one to read after a particularly difficult read.

3 Crowns

This is like the Beasts red rose under glass.  Beautiful to look at, but you just cant smell it. We think this is a good book with a decent story, just didn't like it or dislike it really...

4 Crowns

This is like the prince finding the glass slipper, you are just soooo close to a beautiful happy ever after but not quite there yet.  We think this is a great book, a book we enjoyed, a book that stayed with us for days, we had to digest it... we would recommend it.  This book would cause us some emotions, whether happiness, sadness or frustration.  We sighed with the romance... even had butterflies in our tummies.  We reached for the kleenax or yelled at the characters. 

5 Crowns

This book is every dream come true... We think this book is amazing! It made us believe in love again... it gave us incredible butterflies, made is sigh with desire, it made us cry, not just a few tears, the ugly snotty type of crying! Scream in anger or shock or omg! Laugh - not just a giggle or a snicker, a full on laugh.  It had angst so severe, or frustrated us to the point of wanting to throw our e-reader against the wall.  This book made us swoon and possibly run for a very cold shower.  This book just hit all our emotions and was a great story with amazing characters!  We fell in love, we have a new book boyfriend to our ever growing list!

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