Creed (Unfinished Hero #2)
by Kristen Ashley

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

This book was a refreshing departure on the authors other books.... I did like the fact of having a strong female character. Also I read a comment about the fact that Sylvia is such a bad ass and then softens... Well I think that is exactly how she had to behave... She had been completely lost for 16 years! Just the fact that she survived her hell with still having a heart and compassion and able to share love in any capacity after what she survived is amazing! And the fact that she is able to get her Creed back... HER CREED back... That of course will start tumbling those walls she had to construct in order to survive... And she was able to find her old self again and let that shine through... I absofreaking loved the back story on the characters and the back and forth on them as well. You got to meet who they were to be able to truly appreciate who they became separately and then finally able to come together and be who they really are with each other... Great story! 

Kelly - 5 crowns

Sylvie Bissenette is a bad-ass alpha-female, who works alongside the elusive and feared, Knight Sebring. Known for her exceptional PI skills, she scouts out potential new clientele for Knight’s ‘working’ girls, helping to keep the business fruitful and the girls’ safe.

Upon receiving a desperate call one night from one of Knight’s girl’s, that she had been beaten and brutalised, the hunt is on for the culprit. Knight has a message, and that is no-one hurts his girls’ and no-one makes a mockery of his business.

As the attacks escalate, Knight hires another PI to come in and help with the ‘inside’ investigation. Someone who is not objective – an outsider, and one of the ‘industry’s best.’

Sylvie is shocked to learn that her new partner is the one and only Tucker Creed and...

The love of her life.

The man who she had planned to leave Kentucky and run away with on her eighteenth Birthday. The boy, who at only eleven, helped her six year old self, and kept her safe from her Father’s wrath. Escaping most evenings to the lake, where they formed a special bond, one that spanned over 12 years. Tucker Creed - the man, who broke her heart, the day he disappeared and never came back.

At the realisation that they had no choice but be thrown back together, in this new sordid world they both now reside, their past extricates those old feelings, and flows reverently into the present. However, questions still need answering, and Sylvie has to learn to put her trust into the one man, who not only let her down, but had left her broken and alone all those years ago.

Creed has been watching Sylvie for a month, tracing her every movement, every habit – including her deadly driving skills! ‘His Sylvie,’ the woman he had planned one day to marry, but had been forced to leave on her eighteenth Birthday, and was made a promise, a promise that was broken – along with his heart.

As they work together, investigating Knight’s case, it becomes apparent that Sylvie and Creed cannot fight the feelings that still burn bright from their past, and as passion and trust gradually fuel their relationship, secrets and truths are shared, but ones that have heartbreaking affects on them both…


I loved this book! I loved Sylvie! She is a crass bad-ass, and at times the cursing was over-used but she had the brass to back it up, and even though she is the main voice, Creed is the main focus, and their story is simply breathtaking.

Going from present day to snippets of the past, and back again, this novel is like two stories rolled into one, that collaborate together so beautifully, it engrosses the reader and you feel the frustration, the hurt, the lust and the heartbreak that is Creed and Sylvie’s story.

As time progresses and the investigation comes to a head, the end is dramatic and I was on the edge of my seat. It’s safe to say Creed and Sylvie are not your everyday heroes, but I loved them both, and I was very satisfied with the epilogue.

If you liked the first book in this series: Knight, then definitely roll with this one, you fall in love with Knight all over again, he had more than just a small cameo, with Anya also making an appearance. LOVED IT!

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