Conversion (Conversion, #1) by S.C. Stephens


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This is a slow progressing yet heartwarming love story with a paranormal bite. Certainly aimed at the young adult audience with a penchant for hip vampirism and sassy heroines. This is a world apart from S C Stephens' thoughtless series so it's impossible to formulate any comparison between the two, so if you are a Twilight come Vampire Diaries fan, then I recommend you give this one a go. Definitely puts a unique spin on the Vampire genre with family values and continuing bloodlines playing a vital role.

BOOK REVIEW: Conversion - S.C Stephens

It’s time for Edward Cullen to move over...there’s a new boy in book town!

S.C. Stephens has certainly taken a popular genre and gave it a refreshing little tweak. Teren Adams is every girls wet dream, he’s good-looking, smart, intelligent, with a good job and healthy salary, their is just one snag, he’s also a ‘little bit’ vampire. However, Teren is different to all the ‘others.’ He wasn’t made... he was born!

When Teren’s Great Grandmother of Polish decent, Halina, was turned into a full vampire at nine months pregnant, not only did it induce labour but the ‘gene’ also passed onto her Daughter, Imogen.

And so the family tree grows when Imogen gives birth to a Daughter, only to then go through her full transition at the end of her twenty-fifth year. Teren Adams is the first born boy and Great Grandson of Halina. He has sharp hearing, fangs and holds a fondness of chicken blood, but he’s also a successful journalist in San Francisco with an addiction to coffee.

Emma is twenty-five, stuck in a mediocre admin job with a string of past mistakes. She had her fun in college, but those days are now over. Her only trustworthy confidante is her severely scarred sister, Ashley.

When Emma runs into the charismatic Mr Adams, she gets more than she bargained for, when she ruins his shirt with her extra hot vanilla coffee and offers to pay for his dry cleaning while handing him her business card.

One call is all it takes...

With a date in the bag, Teren and Emma gradually get to know each other, and after a month of dating, Emma is more than ready to take their relationship to the next level. Yet, when things get a little heated, Teren’s canines take on a mind of their own, when they extend after a heavy make-out session he suddenly finds he has an awful lot of explaining to do...

“I was a little surprised at how well I was taking things. I never realized I was so... progressive. Well, good men are hard to come by, and I’d had more than my fair share of duds. If his only drawback was a pair of sharp teeth and a penchant for hemoglobin, well, I’d take it.” - Emma

With Emma’s decision made, she is willing to give Teren a chance, after all... how bad can it be? It’s not like he wants to rip her throat out. Yet!

Although, as their relationship develops, progressing from lust to love, Teren’s family are keen to meet the woman who has captured his heart, but they have an agenda of their own. You see...Teren is hiding a secret, and he’s petrified. Emma is his lifeline, his family’s link of continuing the bloodline, the question is, is she ready?

“Things will change, Emma...but one thing, will not.”
“I’ll still love you.”
- Teren



I really enjoyed this book journey, journey being the operative word, as Conversion is a slow progression. I likes the fact that it wasn’t crowded or unnecessarily embellished with secondary characters. The sole purpose of Conversion is to witness the growth of a relationship that, against all odds, proves that love, however unconventional, has the potential to conquer all.

I loved the Adams and everything they stood for. They are not a coven, they are blood; descendants of one woman who they would kill to protect as they place their love and trust in each-other. They are the true definition of family.

Emma is a very strong female lead, she is level-headed and incredibly brave. Her decision to stand by her boyfriend’s side is fueled by her good natured soul and a willingness to help the man she loves, even though it threatens to end life as she knows it.

I really liked the last 20% of this book, it seemed everything was leading up to this pivotal moment, so my advice would be to ‘stick with it.’ The ending also proves an interesting premise for book two that had me squeeing, just a little. ;)

Fans of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries should give this one a go!

4 Stars.





















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