Consolation (The Consolation Duet, #1)

by Corinne Michaels

Book One in the Consolation Duet

Liam wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after.
He wasn’t even on my radar.
He was my husband’s best friend—forbidden.

But my husband is dead and I’m alone. I ache for him and I reach for Liam.

One night with Liam changed everything. Now I have to decide if I truly love him or if he’s just the consolation prize.



Book 1 in the Consolation duet series.

Life ends for Natalie as soon as she hears the dreaded knock,knock,knock on her door. Heavily pregnant and awaiting the return of her beloved husband, she instead gets the news that she always hoped wouldn't happen to her. Aaron is dead leaving her and there unborn daughter facing life without his love.

Aaron and Natalie were childhood sweethearts and she was by his side when he went into the Navy and ultimately the SEALS. She always thought that the worry and risk were over once he left the Navy behind. But the dangers of working for a security company overseas ended up being the biggest risk of all, leaving Natalie to mourn his loss and bring up their daughter alone.

Friends rally and in particular Liam, Aaron's best friend and the best man at their wedding. After 7 months of numbness and surviving life rather than living it, Liam suddenly bring light and laughter back into the greyness that has become her life.

Will the ghost of Aaron ruin their growing attraction? Or will memories and discoveries from the past end a relationship that has saved them both?

What a brilliant book. I went in expecting a real emotional read and yes to some extents it was, but it was also so much more than that. This is not a story so much of mourning the loss of a husband, but finding the chance to love and live again.

Natalie was such a lovely character. The pain she experiences with the death of her husband is heartbreaking. I felt her struggles and her pain, but I also felt the change in her when Liam entered her heart. As for Liam, well what's not to love. He was so supportive and understanding of Natalie's feelings. The personal fight he has with his growing attraction were genuine, and the patience and love for both Natalie and Arar made me swoon.

I would like to add at this point that consolation is my first read by this author. Corrine Michael's writing really is beautiful and has a real effortless flow to it. She had me invested within the 1st chapter and that rarely happens. Knowing that she is also an ex Navy wife, gives this book sincerity and her obvious knowledge gives the book a depth that other books of this type don't have.

This is a story that takes you on a journey of ups and downs. It is packed with romance and a heck load of angst - just what I needed. Be warned though, it does end on one hell of a cliffy. I really don't know where Corinne will take us in book 2, Conviction. What I do know, however, is that it will be beautifully written and just as touching as book 1 - bring on the angst... it's going to be emotional!

An absolute MUST READ!



Elizabeth - 5 Crowns


After days of mourning the ending of this book, I still feel I can't move forward from this story, from the HELL OF AN ENDING that it has!!

Seriously, I feel like a fish on land.. I can't breathe!!! I gasped so loud at the end of this story that I have forgotten how to inhale life saving oxygen!

Natalie is widowed as she is preparing a bright future with her husband, who is killed in the line of duty. Her world is shattered with a knock on the door. How do you survive that? How do you go on and bring happiness in your life again, not only for you, but for your innocent child?

Enter Liam, Her husbands best friend. He is determined to be there for her and her baby. He will stand strong as she crumbles and cries. He will be her strength and envelope her with love. 

Wait... is that love for his best friends wife? Is it evolving, growing into something that can't be? What can he do? What should he do?? What will she do?


Well read this incredible, emotional and compelling book to find out.




Emma  - 5 Crowns

Kelly - 5 Crowns

A poignant and captivating story of love, loss, friendship and new beginnings. Unmissable! ~ Kelly, Perusing Princesses

Consolation is emotional, yet liberating. An accidental love story formed in the aftermath of a fallen Navy Seal. Natalie and Liam come together in the wake of tragedy, only to form a connection destined to be deemed unbreakable.

This story highlights the sacrifices and fears of being a SEALS wife. The long deployments and training exercises make for times of loneliness but love has the ability to overcome those hurdles and make the time they are home all the more sweeter, so when Natalie's Husband, Aaron, doesn't make it home, her life turns upside down.

Heavily pregnant and a widow at twenty-seven, Lee goes through the motions of every day living numb and distant. Her newborn Daughter becomes her only saving grace on her darkest of days.

Liam Dempsey was Aaron's best friend and the news of his death has also affected him badly. He made a promise...and one he intends to keep. Aaron knew nothing was failsafe and should he die he put it on his best friend to check in with Natalie and support her in the coming months ahead, so he takes it upon himself to plant his sexy godliness firmly into her life. He just didn't expect to fall head over heels for his best friend's widow and baby daughter, or to have his feelings reciprocated by a woman still grieving the loss of her Husband.

This is a beautifully formed accidental love story that delivers in every way. It isn't fluffy or cliche, but believable and thwart with challenging emotional obstacles. It isn't rushed but nurtured with a sensitive hand and I felt the grief, the guilt and the overwhelming need to just feel again.

Told in alternative POV's but with Natalie's voice taking centre stage we get the hard hitting grief in the early stages, and watch as she finally learns to accept Aaron's loss with Liam by her side.

Liam Dempsey is a dreamboat. He's witty and gorgeous while having the ability to be intune with others emotions which made him the perfect rock for our heroine. You will be waving the Liam flag by the time you are done with this story. He is a true hero.

This is a second chance love story but with a powerful and emotional backdrop that throws in a couple of twists along the way, leaving you stunned - but nothing could have prepared me for that ending. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I need to start Conviction pronto!

A great read and one I highly recommend!

Perusing Princesses
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