Consequences by Aleatha Romig

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

Now that I have simmered a bit.... I have kinda figured out why I am feeling that I don't like this book.....

I hate him...I mean truly truly hate him. I hate Anthony!!

He is evil. He is a sociopath...a true evil sociopath.

This is the first book I have read where the dominating abusive controller truly will never be able to redeem himself. He is a stupid stupid man in spite of his intelligence...his money or power. How he could do all that to a truly good woman...

I also never saw the twists coming...and I think I have not hated anyone so much besides my ex... The are soooo alike... After much contemplation, i believe i have "compartmentalized" my feelings and narrowed it down. I feel lied too.......completely and utterly deceived by believing like every woman does... We can train the bad boy.. I can make him truly luv me and be the good man I see trying to escape the evil. If I luv him enough...if I sacrifice myself enough.

In reading this book, it has sucked me into mindf*** and I honestly feel after reading this that I am Claire and have lived the lies committed against her by Tony... That is how this book makes me feel.

I want revenge... Book 2 is good off the bat.

Kelly - 5 handcuffs

Aleatha Romig has mind-fucked me senseless. I can't say I totally enjoyed the experience, but what I will say is this, 'she's also a goddamn genius'!

Let me reiterate:

I have never in my life read a book where I loved it and literally fucking hated it at the same time. To have a book that hooks you in, dragging you deep, delivering every single myriad of emotion to almost the point of pain, to then take your hand and lull you into a false sense of security is absolutely inconceivable, but she did it! I felt myself starting to relax. I questioned motives and why the sudden change of events but I desperately wanted to believe in redemption and at one point I thought it ‘almost’ deserved.

But then… I had the rug whipped out from beneath me, and I wanted to run for the hills.


This book scared the living shit out of me! It was completely unpredictable. The facets of Anthony’s character were astounding; with an untamed monster lurking beneath those dark depths you didn’t know what the hell he was going to do next. I felt like I was reading on ‘eggshells.’

In terms of the movie world, it reminded me of Sleeping with the Enemy… but on crack! I cannot emphasise enough how amazing this book would be on the big screen. It’s the ultimate in psychological thrillers that has the capability to shock. Don’t compare this to any dominant alpha-male erotica romance based story. It isn’t anything like that. It’s a psychological thriller with a protagonist that is a psychotic sociopath on a vengeance mission.

Anthony Rawlings is the entrepreneur poster boy, the ultimate businessman, his wealth and success unprecedented. And yet appearances can be deceiving... he is also controlling, possessive and unrelenting and there were times when I hated him. HATED HIM! With Anthony I felt like that deer in headlights. I wanted that near miss, closed my eyes in the hope that everything got better, to then be hit like a freight train in the last 20%. I wanted to be strong for Claire, but actually... I was Claire. Romig turned a 3rd person narrative into a first person perspective making it one of the cleverest books to ever grace my kindle.

I was mind-raped, literally and figuratively. This book gave me a true insight of victimisation. I was with Claire the whole way, took this journey with her and at times wanted to question her actions and shake the ever-loving shit out of her, but at the same time, I understood why she took them. Anthony has got to be the most manipulative book character to ever hit my reader list. He’s manipulating me now; the rat-bastard is still doing it because I can’t get him or this book out of my head! My mind is awed at how good this story was, but it’s also fractured, the residue is not dissipating, therefore giving me a book hangover from hell. So I HAVE to dive into ‘Truth,’ the 2nd instalment because I NEED to be with Claire right now, I need to see this through with HER!

This is no love story. The violent and sexual scenes are not graphic but they entice enough to identify exactly what is happening, and it made me want to scream! Revulsion knocked on my door countless times, and yet I just had to know, I couldn’t stop reading, but I did it for Claire and I’ll do it again! So far ‘Truth’ is amazing, and I know it’s going to be another HIT for me - Another book that will sit next to this one, on the 5-STAR SHELF.

My advice: Be brave and delve deep, but wear your ‘Big Girl’ pants, because you are going need them.


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