City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1)
by Cassandra Clare


Kelly - 2 crowns

Having read the strong reviews, I decided to jump on this, as the trailer for the movie that is being

released in August 2013 looks absolutely amazing.

This book started off quite strong. I liked the nightclub scene, and I quickly started to connect with Jace.

He is a strong, likable character, but... that's a far as it went.

I respect the fact that the heroine is only 15, and as a 30-something reader, I was concerned that I

wouldn't be able to connect and, unfortunately, that was precisely what happened.

However, I can appreciate that some elements of this book are really good. It has great descriptive narrative and dialogue that flows well, but as an avid paranmormal reader it's obvious to me now, that the more 'adult' orientated books are my poison. I got spoilt with the likes of JR Ward and Nalini Singh, to ever contemplate going back to YA in the para spectrum.

I guess the part that did it was when the best friend got turned into a rat who was then rat-knapped by vampiric bikers - I just had to stop. I gave up at 52% which is almost unheard of. BUT, like I said... I just couldn't connect. If I had read this 10-15 years ago, maybe I would have felt different, but as it stands, it's just wasn't the book for me.

I just wish I could have embraced that inner child of mine, but she's decided not to play on this occasion.

From what I can tell though, Cassandra Clare has written a well received and much loved series, and I'm kind of sad that I didn't feel it, like many other readers have. But, I will keep it on my kindle in the hope that my Daughter reads it when she comes of a more appropriate age..

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