Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

Elizabeth - 3 handcuffs
Not sure where my head is with this book... It is just intense, with an assault on my mind... And disturbingly... I liked it... Onto book 2
Joanne - 4 handcuffs 

I have Stockholm's syndrome. I ended up a huge fan of Caleb and I still question why. I loved him even if he did everything in his power to make my blood boil and my stomach turn. You can feel he was struggling with his emotions and growing affection for Livvie and that only fueled my love for him. Ms. Roberts created a world that started to feel real. Someone would talk to me in my house and I would have to snap out of it - and look up from the book....It pissed me off's the equivalent of going to the beach on the hottest day of the entire summer and having someone pour a bucket of ice water on you....PISSED.

I could feel Livvie's fear and I felt like I had to be there as a witness to what was happening, even as I fell for Caleb.

Complete Mindfuck of a book and I loved it
Kelly - 5 handcuffs


It's hard to put into words how I feel about this book. I will however endeavour to try:


This book sucked me in from chapter one, it's one that I read in an evening and finished early this morning, but I didn't have a very good night's sleep if thats anything to go by. At the 26% mark I did cry for Olivia, her ordeal by this point was heartbreaking and her emotions had me going through the emotional wringer. I felt like I was there with her - a fly on the wall, but powerless to stop it. I can only contribute this to the writing. It flows beautifully even though the subject matter is dark and contrite.


I wanted to hate Caleb with my every being, but I couldn't. He was subjected to a terrible ordeal as a young child/teenager, and you felt angry that such a beautiful child could survive such a torment.


Caleb is helping to seek revenge for a man he calls Rafiq, a Father figure who rescued him from a life of rape and torture. Olivia is the barganing chip to help close the deal. His mission is simple - Train her to become a sex slave submissive to enter the tight circle of a Russian Billionaire Businessman with a murdeous and shady past. Known for his love of Western girls, Olivia is the lifeline to seal his fate.
Along the way however we start to notice a change in his demeanour. Could this young girl be something more? Chipping at the wall of steel in his chest?


Then when you think things cannot get any worse for Olivia, things take a dramatic turn.


I will read the second book once it is published, because I NEED to know what happens to Olivia and Caleb, and how the rest of the story unfolds. If this first instalment is anything to go by, it's going to be another emotional read,albeit no less brilliant i'm sure...


If you are open-minded and want a book that really grabs you in more ways than one, then I recommend reading this book. Please be warned though, it isn't for the faint hearted and is Adult literature only, 18+



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