Bullet by Jade C. Jamison

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

Holy cow what a ride!! This book gave me every emotion... It made me want to fling my iPad a couple of times too!

Why us women lose our intelligence when it comes to being in love and sticking with the wrong men I will never ever understand! This is a great journey... Luved it!

Kelly - 5 crowns

Are you Readdddddddddy…?
It’s time to throw up the horns ladies, as ‘Bullet’ is Hard Hitting, Hot Rockin,’ Body Slammin,’ Head Bangin,’ Mind-Blowingly Amazing and will ROCK your pants off!

I’m gushing. I’m hugging my kindle right now, beaming with what I can only describe as total pure book euphoria.

Have you ever read a book and just thought, ‘Wow, I feel like the author wrote this book just for me?’ Well… Bullet, for me, is that book!

There are two mainstay consistencies in my life, one is the love of reading, and two, is my total passion for Rock Music. Bullet incorporated everything I love, it hit every damn nerve – to put it simply, it rocked my world!

And, I will tell you why…


This isn’t just another’ Rock Star book; it symbolizes the strife, the struggles, the passion and full on intensity of life on the road. The Hunger and gruelling sacrifices of making something from nothing, when all you have is solid self-belief and friends who share a dream that reflects your own.

But first and foremost, it’s the tale of one young girl, Valerie Quinn, whose life took a new direction, the moment she stepped into History class as a freshman at college, when she set eyes on the most beautiful boy on campus, Ethan Richards – how her life went from an innocent, virginal, church going Christian, to a striving rock star as fate dealt it’s hand and everything in her life as she knew it, changed irrevocably. How one small-town girl was catapulted into partaking a journey of a lifetime.

And Holy leather hot pants of metal lovin’ doom, what an epic tale it was.

I can’t go into a synopsis, I just can’t do it, this is a journey you need to take on your own, but what I will say is this: ‘Keep an open mind.’ Because this isn’t just another ‘cheating’ book, regardless of what others may say, so please don’t be put off by it – this book is so much more!

Many of Valerie’s decisions were based on a need to find herself, and circumstances warranted those decisions at the time. Without that journey, the ending wouldn’t have made sense, so everything happens in this book for a reason. Trust me on this… Valerie’s naivety is endearing, and with all that testosterone thrown into the mix, I can’t say I blamed her for any of the scenarios that unfolded.

Ethan… be prepared to fall in and out of love with this guy, he got me in a complete and utter tizzy. I hated the way he treated our heroine, but I could also see why she fell for him. He is the embodiment of a ‘tortured soul’ and with her kind and loving heart she simply just tried to fix him. His toxicity a result of a past childhood tragedy, that nurtured an already self-destructive mindset.

”Rational or not, I loved Ethan. I knew it was stupid, but it didn’t matter. Stupid or not, I wanted him. Part of me knew he was damaged…deeply damaged…and I think that part of me also wanted to try to save him.”

But… It’s the best friend, Brad, and the almighty ROCK GOD that made this book pure magic for me in the form of Clayton/Jet, what can I say except I fell for this dude. Bigtime! Holy Hell, did I want to pull him out of my kindle!

So, seriously… do I call you Clayton or Jet?”
He got a huge grin on his face. “Well, it depends.”
“On what?”
“Do you want me sweet or dirty?”
oh… wow.

”Oh Valerie,” he said, whispering, and I could almost believe it was just him and me again. He ran his fingers back through my hair at the temples. “I could make you feel like you were born to fly. I want to do that. I want to show you what you were made for.”

I’m a sucker for a gritty romance, especially when the writer invests the time to nurture and grow her characters, making them credible, with faults and traits that may not be of the angelic kind, but wow, was I bowed over. There are some real precious moments in this book that will simply just steal your breath away.

There are darker elements to this book too. Drugs, Sex, Infidelity, alcohol and physical abuse, and yes, some of it was a bitter pill to swallow. But again, it didn’t feel overly embellished, it still held that believability factor, especially the… uh, V-Card popping scene, not the nicest of moments but Jade C Jamison delivered it with honesty and dignity, with no orgasms in sight and a soreness for days. How many damn times have we read about the ‘perfect’ first time?! Yeah… Not happenin!’

I’m gushing like a groupie, I know this review probably shows it, but Fuck It, I may even take a moment to get in the front row and flash my boobs just to get my point across, that I.LOVED.THIS.BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

Jade C Jamison knows how to deliver a rock star story with heart, and I’m hooked like a junkie. Encore lady… Encore!

5 Metal-riffic crowns.

Fans of Thoughtless/Effortless, The Mighty Storm and How to Kill a Rockstar may want to jump on this bad-boy. Seriously… READ IT!

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