Bride in Bloom (The Beachy Bride, #1)

by J.B Hartnett


Book 1 in The Beachy Bride series.

Victoria Harper, or Tori as she is known to her friends, is counting down to her big day. With marriage and a new home with her fiancée Josh on the horizon, the girl that was always scared of making that final commitment is giving her trust and taking a chance in the hopes she will get her happily ever after. It doesn't matter that Josh is away with work more than he is home, that her mum can be a raving bitch, that the dress she has chosen isn't the one she really wanted or that the house that Josh has built for her is nothing more than a glorified cement box. No, she is happy and in love...

Cameron Muir has been to hell and back in the last few months. Having been married and expecting a child, his world came crashing down around him when his wife up and left after lying to him. He is now left to pick up the pieces of his life and he intends to do that without living with the memories of his failed marriage in the home he loved. A Carpenter by trade, he works for Josh and his business partner Rick. He has spent the last 2 years admiring Josh's beautiful fiancée from afar. He hasn't lusted after because he thought he loved his wife. But Victoria is a girl loved by everyone and she never fails to bring a smile to all the guys when she comes on site to view the monstrosity that Josh is building her.

When Cameron discovers a secret, he gives a ultimatum. He also uses it as his chances to build a love that he feels for a woman that could be his Fairy Princess (in more ways than one).

Will Victoria ever be able to trust again? And will Cameron be the man who deserves 'THE DRESS'?


Sometimes you just can't beat a good, heartwarming romance. This book was exactly what I needed after a few heavier and mediocre books. Lets start with the cover. I am a total cover whore and I loved it as soon as I saw it. It is beautiful, fun and flirty - more importantly it directly relates to the book. The story itself, well lets just say it is the perfect balance of romance, steam, swoony hero, wit and humour. It is a good old slice and a fine example of a perfect summer chick lit read. Nothing too heavy or thought provoking, just a light, fun and uplifting story.

I would usually give you my thoughts on the main characters here, but to be honest I loved this book because of the whole cast the author has created. Yes Victoria is a girl every woman would want as her BFF, she is honest, loyal and easy going. Cameron, he is special. Obviously a hopeless romantic and self confessed 'Pussy' I dare anyone not to fall in love with his romantic ways and dirty mouth. The mother's were hilarious, as were the best friends and brother. I can even go as far as saying I liked Josh.

Above everything though, this book is filled with witty one lines and laugh out loud moments. 

"The beach is ..." he looked over his shoulder, "a three-minute walk. I could pull out my cock and dip it into the ocean it's that close."
"Yeah, too bad about your small cock. Mine's there now, getting a tan as we speak." I grinned.

It is your perfect holiday read and one that I recommend. I now look forward to Katherine in Gold. I just hope it's out in time for my holiday.


Emma  - 4.5 Crowns

For Victoria, it started with the perfect dress and the perfect man...well, she thought he was perfect.

For Cameron, it started with a devoted wife and a bright future...until he discovered devotion was never high on his wife's list of marital duties.

When trust is tested and faith in the power of true love is lost, there is only way one to restore it:

Give that person everything you’ve got, nurture her, love her…

And watch her bloom.  

In the first installment of The Beachy Bride series, we experience the love story of Victoria and Cameron. Both are no stranger to heartache, but both believe in the power of love.

*This book contains mature content for an audience of 18 years or older. Sexual scenes M/M and M/F

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